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Craves from hell !!!!!

Roll on winter :eek: never did i ever think that .I am a summer woman .But its killing me with craves for a cig fag . yesterday was awful the cravings were awful , was sat outside warmish weather coffee as you do . NO CIG !!!!i just so could not get that crave out of my head .walked back inside the house :mad:I had to walk away from the light nights .

So please can someone who has been quit over a year ,give a bit of advise how they got through their 1st summer without a cig .

Yes it does come down to yourself, but i cant stay indoors till oct !!!!

Thankyou jan

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Hey jans,

A few people have been having the same problem. I get the thought sometimes when I'm outside in the sun (but then usually someone lights up and the stench ruining my beautiful sunny air is enough to make the crave go away!)

If you haven't got a smoker next to you at the time why don't you say this - I won't smoke this summer... if it turns out to be the worst summer of my life because of that then next summer I'll start smoking again (after the cold is gone of course!). Not only will this thought appease the cravings I think but many people have said that once you get through the 2st spring/summer the rest are easy. Just tell yourself you'll get through the first and see how you feel this time next week huh?

The demon can hit strong and hard, please don't let him get you.


Sorry to hear/read this news, Jans.

One of the biggest issues about being out in the warmer weather is that one is generally chilling out. No reason that you shouldn't but one's mind is less engaged in doing other things and it's often the time that Nicodemon slips in needling away about having a smoke.

But you've already got some good experience of ignoring the craves and actually have probably supplanted an old unhealthy habit with new healthier attitude in that you don't succumb to a smoke. Keep on doing that and have some diversionary tactics up your sleeves...if you're going sleeveless then shove them in your pockets :p

This scenario is just another situation that you are re-building habits about. Hopefully you'll re-build the habit with a strengthened resolve :cool:


Hi Jans.

Just as i hit 6 months i felt the same as you...and then when the nice weather started getting nicer i felt like it too.

Just hang on in there, it'll pass!!


Thankyou for your kind words . Iv come this far and taking one day at a time . Today has been ok . I will stay indoors rather than smoke . Funny how the brain works . You could of knocked me down with a feather yesterday ,when the crave came on but like i said it has passed .


Well done for not giving in jans... I've had a few of those moments but we can't let all of the work we've done up till now go to waste, can we?? :)


Hi Jans, not to undermine you but was it a crave or was it nostalgia? Before I stopped I used to spend a lot of time on the computer trying to build websites. When I found I had been concentrating a while I would get up and go outside and have a fag. Then I would come back in and get on with it.

I found around 6 to 9 months if I was on the computer I would get this sudden urge to go have a fag. I don't think it was a crave but more what I used to do.

To give you an example I had finished work a few days ago and was driving home, I passed this guy painting the outside of a shop. He had the paintbrush in one hand and a ciggy in the other and boy did it make me want to do that. But it was only because it was something I would have done, I would work on something and smoke at the same time. The feeling only lasted a few seconds but it was very powerful.

Stick with it and it will pass, I told myself I would be an idiot even to think of smoking again. Now here I am 16 months down the line and yes I still get little thoughts of smoking but that's it.:)



Weather has been sunny .We will have the best summer in history this year !!!! I bet you. So im going to be honest iv been indoors all day .Well how sad is that !!! so i have had a talk with myself .I have got to get out there even if i have the biggest crave tomorrow .Im been stupid :mad:

TY for your help :)


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