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day 6 and day from hell

Ok so just joined this forum so hi im Sian:) I ve been smoke free for 6days now and currently taking champix...

well its been a very high craving day and cant believe ive got through it:confused:

but tomorrow im dreading as back to work and with a heavy smoker but the thought of my kids been so proud of me quitting should keep me going as i couldnt face telling them id caved in

well good luck to everybody quitting at the mo



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Hi Sian!!!

Well done so far, you can do this.... imagine the look on your little kiddies face if you gave in... its not worth it... you can do this, we all can, and do you know what... we're doing it together.... your not on your own!!!!

Read the 'diary of a smoker' post in the tips section, that really worked for me.

Get on here as much as you can when your craving for extra support.

Congratulations, it will get easier soon.....Dont let us down now! :D



Thank you Zozie

Last time i quit i didnt realise that these forums were available so im hoping that this time ive somewhere to write down my battles and read everyone elses experience and with that hopefully beat my addiction for good :D

well done to you for being smoke free since Aug very impressed :D


Sian xx


Absolutely you will, this has been invaluable for me, being able to support others when i've been feeling good, and also to have those kind of rants that make you want to imagine various evil ways of being mean to your boss just cos she breathed the wrong way... teehee... i'm sure you know what i mean... :)

read read read and post post post hun! :D

Notice things like your skin looking fresher, your eyes looking brighter and your sense of smell returning... if they've not already then they will soon!!!

You'll be alreet lass! your on board now eh? :D xx


hi Sian,

well done so far, just think tomorrow will be a week!!!

almost 140 not smoked and almost 50 quid in your pocket

stay strong




Hugs right back to you! And while we're on the subject, just think of how nice you smell when you kiss and hug your children.

Well done, almost a week in, you are a star!

Fi x


doing it for the kids!!

Hi Sian, my kids have been my driver too and I know now I have promised them I will never go back!

Well done on your quit so far, keep up the good work :)


Hi Sian, in my mind the 1st week is hardest and you've aced it!!!! Well done for making it through the cravings.


sian a day at a time stay strong for yourself and family,i'm on champix and it will be a week tomorrow for me,positive thoughts and spend your fag money on treats for your kids and think yes that was my fag money i have just spent rather than blowing it up in smoke.good luck x:)


Hi Sian

Welcome to the mad house, it's brill! :)

So theraputic to hammer it out on the keyboard sometimes!

Well done so far and long may it continue.

I've been having a bit of a rollercoaster ride too of late but I'm holding on tight to peoples hands on this forum and seeing where the wind takes us!

Parp! Pardon me! :)

Take care



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