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Near the end of day 7

And im not feeling any different at all, im pretty upset because i would have thought by now id feel slightly better in myself, i dont mean the cravings cause there still coming thick and fast but im fighting those, i just thought id feel healthier, and i dont, still puffing away on my inhalers as usual, what am i doing wrong? Tried explaining to my hubby how i felt, its like iv boarded a long flight and im waiting to get off so i can have a smoke, how long will i feel like that for?

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Hi everyones quit is personal to them & we will see differnces depending on how long e have smoked I guess.

Take some quiet time, focus on how better you can breathe, smell, on how much you can exert yourself with getting out of beathe.

Maybe you are are not a long time, heavy smoker?

Haybe yes, maybe no. Maybe you can notice a difference maybe not. If you can't than good for you. That may mean you have have notbeen smoking long enough to know how much it has effected you.

If not, do you wnat to keep smoking till you can't beathe to notice the difference? No will be the answer.

Feel proud of your quit, YOU WILL feel better beleive me. Don't get so far that your health is suffering like me & you can see the difference. Hope that makes sense. G xx


scuse spelling, it is late & cannot be bothered to edit lol :D


Thanks for the reply, i was a 40 a day lass for over 30 yrs which i think is why im so down about not feeling any better health wise. Im not daft enough to expect my body to be able to all of a sudden run a marathon, i just thought id feel, something, anything, but i dont, i just feel like i put a fag out 15 mins ago and im due another one!

I know were all different but i was hoping someone would tell me they felt the same lol.

Nite all, sleep tight and dont let the nicotine bite in the night


I am sure you will notice the differences in your own time. For me, as my chest was so bad, I noticed that my chest was so much better. Hardly coughing, not wheezing etc. My left leg especially looked far less purple which is NOT a good colour. I rememer my toes looking pink, not purple due to better circulation. My skin, eyes, teeth, gums looked better. le who could be bothered to comment (ie noticed I was alive in the firt place lol) said I looked so much better.

Somethings you n see, some you can't. The changes you can't see are probably more important. Just think, imagine the vast improvement to your lungs, You can't see it, you may not notice it yet but it IS happening. You will start to feel & see a difference I am sure but just rember that you can't see the imprtant changes inside ;)


day 6 for me

i am on day 6 and as you say we do not realise some of the benefits straight away,i have been an heavy smoker around 35 years and to be honest this quit seems no different to me in the beginning,i have to be honest i feel terrible with dizziness,anxiety its awful and it takes me a couple of more weeks until i seem to come out of this horrible withdrawal,i suppose it could also be down to the patches but i do know there is light at the end of the tunnel but for me personally i know its not yet,i do not want to put others off as we are all different but i do think the longer and heavier you have smoked must make these feelings worse,but any way onwards and upwards no going back this time i am trying to focus on the reasons for quitting and i do not want to be smoking when i hold my new grand child in august,i did quit on the 1st jan this year and stopped for around 8 weeks and silly me here i am again.

good luck everyone


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