No Smoking Day
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Nearly at the end of Day 4!

Nearly at the end if another day after a bit of a rocky morning but hey, I survived :-)

Looking forward to a nice chilled weekend so glad tomorrow is Friday, can't believe I'm saying that as I used to fear the smoke free weekends but think I've conquered that fear during my many quit attempts that it doesn't have much hold on me anymore but just need to watch the alcohol intake as it has ruined many quits and I'm done starting over!

How's everyone doing? x

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Lol, sure we couldn't ask for a better mother hen, your looking after us well!

Finished that book Debs, it was a good read, first stop smoking book which I felt didn't bark orders but helped me understand options to get through it, thanks for recommending it xx


Well done, your doing great :)


Thanks Kat, I know your always routing for me, thank you! I'll do this yet!


Woohoo aww Kat you just made it sound so exciting! Jen let's smash this :-)


Well done Im starting to feel like a mother hen counting all her little chicks in each day lol. xxx

Cluck cluck cluck :)


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