No Smoking Day

nearly at the end of week 3

hello everyone, well im nearly at the end on week 3. I quit using the inhaler which i thing is really gd exept it tastes like crap.I normally only weigh 9 stone and i think im going to really put on weight because my tummy feels hungry ALL the time. Im not sure why this is but i hope it settles down very soon. Has anyone else had that emptyness where they feel really hungry all the time? But all the gd sides of quitting smoking are great, i dont cough anymore i smell lovely and not of old fags, i can hold my grandaughter without having to wash my hands all the time, its great. I love coming on this site its great to get to read about everyones sucesses . xxxx thanks

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Hi Lin

Well done 3 weeks is fab work. You sound like you are enjoying your smoke free life. Go girl xxxx


Hi Lin,

Well done on your 3 weeks, stick with it, it is worth it.



Hi Linbeauty

Almost 3 weeks that's wondeful just keep going


hi, everyone on this site is so kind, thanks


Well done Lin on 3 weeks,keep going,you are doing well.


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