No Smoking Day
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Nearly at the end of Day 1!!

Well I finally bit the bullet and had my last smoke at 10.30 last night so I'm almost 24 hrs into my quit!

It did take me three days to get back on the wagon but hey I'm here now :)

Feel in a good state of mind, hope it stays with me! I just keep telling myself I dont want to be in that gang anymore lol!

Hope your all doing well!

Mrs Mash

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well done mrs mash:D


Get in , good going very best of luck to ya, before you know it a week will be gone, it seems like yesterday that I was on day one and it's month four for me tommorow can't wait


That is great news I know as I am sure many on this forum do what you have been going through and honestly to get back into the quit is the only thing to do to make yourself feel better. Well done to you - keep positive and keep posting:)


Go for it Mrs :D:D

Smash the mash :D:D xx


Well done MrsMash!!!

I'm happy to hear you're back at it again :)



I am new member today. had my last smoke at about 10am this morning and dont intend on buying anymore. hope i do well, this is my 10th attempt to quit. need to knock it on the head now.


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