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Day 6 and Im feeling GREAT!!


Hi All

Mananged to get to day 6 - even forgot my champix last night and was halfway to work at an office much further than I normally work at when I realised I had also forgotten to take it this morning!

Do I feel any different - nope - maybe had a better nights sleep but apart from that Im wondering if I actually need Champix at all.:eek:

I think I am just so determined to quit that its half the battle.

Im so pleased with myself :)

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.... and so you should feel pleased with yourself, almost a full week already :D

You seem to have found the right frame of mind for your quit, try and not let it be swayed as you'll be surprised how easier your quit will be with your mind in the right place.

Keep on Rockin' :)

Well done and great that you're feeling so positive. :) Long may it continue!

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