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Day 6 And Feeling Great

Hi All

I am on day 6 and i am soooooo proud of myself i didnt even think of smoking yesterday and so far today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so determined to do this for me my kids my husband and most of all my health.

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules xx

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Grats :D

Another day 6er Wooooo well done.

Tomorrow, a week of being a non smoker and a new room to post in :D

Well Done x x Keep it up x x


I know Buffy sad as it mean sound i am so excited about moving on to another room yippee!! :D

This site is the best am soooo glad i found it if i am feeling down or low it it lifts me up.



Loving the mexican wave thats wot it is isnt it?? You on day 6 too?


Yeah they are class!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you finding it two weeks on does it keep getting easier?????


Well done to you you should give yourself a huge pat on the back for staying off them well. I am so determined not to go back onthem. On 30th April the no smoking ban is coming into force in Northern Ireland and i dont want to be an outcast so i thought its know or never. Not to mention the fact my 4 year old daughter keeps nagging me 4 going on 44 more like :D haha



Yes kids are great incentive for sure, but, My kids nagged, moaned and begged me to stop, now I have they haven't even said well done.

They're still the same as ever, 100 demands a day want, want, want *sigh* and if they worked half as hard as i have to stay of the cigs, to be a little more considerate to each other they would be total

Ah well I know I did it for them, part of the job, never being appreciated >_< lol


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