No Smoking Day
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Well day 4 is nearly over and im feeling great

As you have seen from day 2 i had a bad day. But today i went to have my co2 levels and guess what they have dropped from 12 to 5 in a week and thats 4 days being smoke free.

Headaches are still here, but it is all 110% worth it. Even though im coughing up lovely stuff i feel great and very confident.

Hopefully tomorrow will be good have a very stressful day with a very unsupportive mother. After telling her about my achievement of co2 levels (well i think it's an achievement) she just made a face and shrugged, no well done no nothing very dissapointed about that, i thought parents were supposed to support their children, my father was like omg wow well done you see i knew you can do this- thats what you need to hear. Grrrr my only rant of the day lol.

Congrats to all those who have gievn up for ages and to those beginning or on day 4 it really is all worth every second keep going. !!!!!!!!

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Whatever is coming up with the cough, thats a good thing right now for you.

Headaches will likely ease...

but sounds like your mum has no clue how hard this is for you, and your dad is just the sort of encouragement you need.

anyway :).. well done you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nicely done. The main thing is you do this for you, but your dad sounds like he's behind you all the way in your effort. He prob. has friends who've tried to quit them.


Fantastic Aimz:Dyou sound really confident...thats great keep up the good work...Cheers Kez.


Hi Aimz, I thought i read you saying somewhere your mum was a smoker?

I often find with other smokers they can get a bit funny when you quit!

I suppose they may think your going to become a fervent anti smoker and start preaching at them. Also they lose their smoke buddies. and also maybe your mum is feeling a bit jealous and somewhere part of her wishes she could give up too.

Just a thought?


Thanks guys. Yes i want this so much.

My mum is a smoker think of a chimney and basically its her sat on your roof hehehe.

I said to her im not going to make you stop smoking and she can smoke infront of me. My partner mum smokes and she just said if you dont have willpower i cant help you lol but she is very supportive giving me tips from when she did give up for a year.

I can' believe how easy it is to slip back into it from all the stories i hear.

Well im heading into day 5 now and another sleepless night. Joys!



Hi Aimz :D

Well done you day 4 is great day 5 now and those co2 levels are good considering your Mum is still smoking around you

I'm sorry your Mum can't or won't support you but unfortunately as a smoker

for whatever reason she doesn't appear to but your Dad more than made up for that

The coughing just means your lungs are clearing themselves of the gunk in them and the headaches and sleeping problem will pass soon




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