Day 10 and feeling GREAT

Hi Everyone,

So good to see that everyone is still going strong ;)

Day 10 today & to be quite honest it almost feels like I never smoked. I rarely think of them and have had no craves since the beginning of my quit. Had a bit of 'want' going on on Friday but that was all. Wish I could bottle how I feel :D

Apart from reading a different book before the start of this quit I have done nothing different this time. Perhaps the fact that I was also determined to be happier this year despite some of the rubbish that was & is going on in my life also made a difference. I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking & being able to change things by the way you think about things. Whatever the reason I am not going to knock, grab it with both hands but still be aware that it could come & bite me on the bum at any moment!!

Sending you all some PMA & hugs.

Gaynor x

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  • Well done :D

    .. I'm not far behind you.. Day 8 and today I seem to be having a want day but nothing major..

    Feeling great too


  • Great to hear you sounding so fantastically positive! And lucky you not having any cravings. Wish I could say the same :( but I'm getting through 'em.

    Onwards and upwards!

    H :D

  • Glad to hear you are ok Tracey. Want days are ok I think, better than the tearing hair out days ;):D

    Have a good rest of day, keep busy, keep strong, keep happy ;)

    Gaynor xx

  • Hiya Helen,

    Yes I am lucky but keeping my guard up. As I say they could come & bite me on the bum at anytime I guess :eek:

    Forwards is the only way Helen :D:D:D

    Gaynor xx

  • You sound great, Gaynor. I agree that a positive outlook is half the battle.:)

  • Hey Gaynor!

    Day 10, how much has it flown in? Glad you are doing so well. Yes as you have said just keep the defences up a wee bit just incase the urge comes back but you sound so strong and determined so keep it up :D

    Jill xxx

  • Good to see you're enjoying this quit G, well done and keep it up. Glad you're keeping your guard up because that little B is just sat on your shoulder waiting for a moments weakness. One consolation for you G, I can't bite you on the bum since they pinched my few teeth. Well done the rest of you too, it's great to see everyone supporting each other. David.

  • Thanks David!

    Have you stopped since feb 09?

    Do you still get cravings?

    Jill x

  • good for you:) im right there with is 10 days for me also!! it is getting better and im staying positive!! stay strong!! the worst part is over :cool:

  • Thanks Ellie, being negative about a quit is a sure way to fail I think. Like I said am feeling GREAT about this one!

    Jill. Don't worry I am on my guard. Have been caught out before & don't intend to make the same mistake. Even having said that I do feel different this time.

    David, lol. Least you don't need teeth for the trifle, you can just suck it hehe.

    Im a quitter. Good for you :D The last week & half has gone so quickly. Usually I am counting days but not this time :D

    Joan, you & I will do this together ok? No more quitting quits for us ;)

    I hope every one has had a good or good as possible smoke free day. Am home form work & exhausted. Don't think I would have the energy to smoke even if I wanted to which I SO don't!! Time to get dinner going & feed my growling stomach I think :D

    Gaynor xx

  • ;) well done ! :D

  • Hiya Gaynor - sorry I missed this! Well done to you, you are doing really well and being a great support to others. xx

  • Thanks Tinks & PK :) xx

  • Sorry I am a little late but had to say I loved your positive, happy post. Keep up the good work, whatever you are doing it is working.

    Jackie x

  • Thanks Jackie, you just wait for my day 11 one lol :eek:

    Gaynor xx

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