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Day 10 and feeling GREAT


Hi Everyone,

So good to see that everyone is still going strong ;)

Day 10 today & to be quite honest it almost feels like I never smoked. I rarely think of them and have had no craves since the beginning of my quit. Had a bit of 'want' going on on Friday but that was all. Wish I could bottle how I feel :D

Apart from reading a different book before the start of this quit I have done nothing different this time. Perhaps the fact that I was also determined to be happier this year despite some of the rubbish that was & is going on in my life also made a difference. I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking & being able to change things by the way you think about things. Whatever the reason I am not going to knock, grab it with both hands but still be aware that it could come & bite me on the bum at any moment!!

Sending you all some PMA & hugs.

Gaynor x

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Well done :D

.. I'm not far behind you.. Day 8 and today I seem to be having a want day but nothing major..

Feeling great too


Great to hear you sounding so fantastically positive! And lucky you not having any cravings. Wish I could say the same :( but I'm getting through 'em.

Onwards and upwards!

H :D

Glad to hear you are ok Tracey. Want days are ok I think, better than the tearing hair out days ;):D

Have a good rest of day, keep busy, keep strong, keep happy ;)

Gaynor xx

Hiya Helen,

Yes I am lucky but keeping my guard up. As I say they could come & bite me on the bum at anytime I guess :eek:

Forwards is the only way Helen :D:D:D

Gaynor xx

You sound great, Gaynor. I agree that a positive outlook is half the battle.:)

Hey Gaynor!

Day 10, how much has it flown in? Glad you are doing so well. Yes as you have said just keep the defences up a wee bit just incase the urge comes back but you sound so strong and determined so keep it up :D

Jill xxx

Good to see you're enjoying this quit G, well done and keep it up. Glad you're keeping your guard up because that little B is just sat on your shoulder waiting for a moments weakness. One consolation for you G, I can't bite you on the bum since they pinched my few teeth. Well done the rest of you too, it's great to see everyone supporting each other. David.

Thanks David!

Have you stopped since feb 09?

Do you still get cravings?

Jill x

good for you:) im right there with is 10 days for me also!! it is getting better and im staying positive!! stay strong!! the worst part is over :cool:

Thanks Ellie, being negative about a quit is a sure way to fail I think. Like I said am feeling GREAT about this one!

Jill. Don't worry I am on my guard. Have been caught out before & don't intend to make the same mistake. Even having said that I do feel different this time.

David, lol. Least you don't need teeth for the trifle, you can just suck it hehe.

Im a quitter. Good for you :D The last week & half has gone so quickly. Usually I am counting days but not this time :D

Joan, you & I will do this together ok? No more quitting quits for us ;)

I hope every one has had a good or good as possible smoke free day. Am home form work & exhausted. Don't think I would have the energy to smoke even if I wanted to which I SO don't!! Time to get dinner going & feed my growling stomach I think :D

Gaynor xx

;) well done ! :D

Hiya Gaynor - sorry I missed this! Well done to you, you are doing really well and being a great support to others. xx

Thanks Tinks & PK :) xx

Sorry I am a little late but had to say I loved your positive, happy post. Keep up the good work, whatever you are doing it is working.

Jackie x

Thanks Jackie, you just wait for my day 11 one lol :eek:

Gaynor xx

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