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Day 13 craves out of nowhere.



Day 13 yesterday was crazy. Craves pretty much all day. Managed to survive even though I had to go shopping. Had a dream about Golden Virginia last night. I wasn't much of a roll-up man when smoking, so I'm not sure where that came from.

I hope this was just a temporary blip. I really do feel like crap today. I'm so bloated and my chest feels sore when I breath!

Thanks for listening.

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You will still get really intense cravings for a while but they will get weaker and less often

When they come out of the blue it can be abit wtf where did that come from but as long as you keep focused it will pass

Onwards and upwards


Hmm,me too mj..funny how it was when I went to town too,it was only day 6 for me tho,been fine since. Iv heard when you get past week 3,a whole new set of cravings start...not looking forward to that! x

I still didn't crack but today I was just plain ill! I know it's quit-smoking related. I'm so bloated I think I'm going to explode :o.

Early night for me. I guess my next post will be in the 3rd week forum :cool:

Hey Robinson, I feel bloated too :( Am a bit scared about it too. No wonder I feel grouchy. Hope we feel better soon though.

Stay strong :)

Zoe xx

I think some dietary changes are needed to get through this, such as fewer refined carbs (pasta, bread). It seems I inflate after those more than anything else!

Anyway feeling ok this morning. Had an early night last night :p.

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