No Smoking Day
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Morning Day One

:)Hi , here i am again in day one,

Never want to be here again, never ever want to smoke again.

I am not going to listern to my brain playing tricks on me. from now on it will be controlled by me ....

Hope to keep really busy today. thankyou for all support and replys to my other posts. will take it day by day and not think too far ahead this time.

mints are to hand and my trainers are out ready to walk walk walk !!!.

ali xxx

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Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!


All the best with your quit ! You can do it ! :)


Good luck Alison, you can do it. Just take one day at a time and you,ll get there. Pleanty of people to support you on this forum. :)


Best of luck Alison, you sound so determined I'm sure you'll do it!


Just wanted to add my good luck to the list.

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was posting as a day 1 quitter and Im now at 18 weeks. Time passes to flippin quick these days lol but I can promise you it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Think positive thoughts grab the bag of mints, chewing gum, jellies. Take the dog for 32 walks get in the shower read as much as you can about why you should stop then before you know it the morning will be here and your already at day 2.

Lots of luck.


Hope today has gone well for you Ali :D


Hi Alison, welcome to the forum and the quit!

This is it, you're done being a slave to that stupid drug, time to break free. It feels great, it's worth the pain. Just take one hour at a time to begin with. You can do it.

Helen x


Hi ya everyone,

Big thanks for all the great replies, only just logged on before sleep.

been keeping really busy. and so pleased day one is nearly over, been a long ole day lol...

Bit nervous about tomorrow as a smoking friend is coming for a visit and have not seen her for 2 years so will be a big tester with the craves i guess. but feeling positive tonight just worrying abit about tomorr with how i will cope.

at least i can prepare myself mentally in advance. i feel a little bit like im cheating with using nrt after reading so much about nicotine but dont feel strong enough to do ct yet . did anyone else feel like this ?.

Had lots of little battles in the head today but after other quits was ready for the little voices and conversations with the demon in my brain . reading this to myself makes me feel a right nutter ha ha ..

Oh well of to try for some beauty sleep .

goodnight everyone

Thanks again

ali xx


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