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No Smoking Day
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Why I'm Extra Proud To Get To Day 4

It officially started at 9.15pm but feeling extra chuffed because -

I really craved for a couple of hours this afternoon but instead of running to the shop like usual I said "go on NSD, chat and read for a bit and it'll pass" and it worked :D

My boiler is offiicially beyond repair and as of today have no heating or hot water. This would have normally made me chain smoke :rolleyes:

The time has gone normally today whereas the last couple of days a minute felt like an hour.

Every day brings a bonus :D

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You are soooooo top banana now and i am very very jealous of your extra day!!!

V. good that you are noting all the reasons you are proud and what you have done as now in future you know you can survive without a run to the shops/through stress etc:D

Happy 4 day-a-versary!:p


Well done Karri - I hope you are proud of yourself and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all very proud of you, keep going! :D:D:D


Good for you Karri.

We really don't need a fag for every moment in our lives be it stress, happiness, sadness, boredom, tiredness......there is a fag for every feeling or event :eek: They go with everything they have tricked us to believe.

Life can go on without them & indeed a happier life at that.........so, you go girl & show that addiction you are stronger & better ;)

Gaynor xx


Hi Karri

If you went back to smoking your boiler would still be knackered. Well done for not giving in. You'll soon be counting in weeks xx


Hi Karri - brilliant - you're doing so well!

Every craving ends. You just have to remind yourself of tha,t when you're in the throes of one. They all end, and you just have to beat one of them at a time. You can so do that!

Well done for surviving with the boiler and everything, that's a real tester.

Big WOOP WOOP for you girl!


im so proud of ya girl!! keep it up!! :D




Day 4 - fantástico Kerri, well done :D, however I've got a big fat bone to pick with you young lady!

I've got your lurgy!!!! :(


Am spendng the day in bed with a box of tissues and some paracetamol, feeling very sorry for myself.

And as far as I'm concerned, we're all young ladies at heart :rolleyes:


Hey Karri, that's amazing :D

You've handled your boiler situation so well... you'll see that having got through that monster craving yesterday afternoon will make it so much easier to get over the next ('I did it yesterday, why not today?' sort of thinking).

Glad to see this post on here :)


Excellent Karri. Especially handling a stressfull situation so well.

And as someone previously mentioned, having a smoke would not fix the boiler, eh?


Well done Karrie, keep up the great work !!


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