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No Smoking Day
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Day 35 & wtf is happening?

Have managed to quit CT, kept going thru thick & thin...thru depression, mood swings, eating everything that wasn't nailed down & felt I'd come thru the other side for 35 days but...the last few days, I have had the most monstrous cravings that are not going away & they're getting more intense. The other times I quit, the cravings came & went...no way did they last like this...what the hell's going on? These are supposed to be just fleeting feelings by now...& before anyone says...yes, when this happens I keep myself busy, go do something...walk the dogs, clean the house etc but it come crashing back...this is definitely not normal!!! :eek:

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I won't cave, Joan...I've made up my mind...it's just so damn hard atm which I has really surprised me..just stunned at the severity of the cravings. Oh well...where's me wine???? :D


I wonder if it might be because you're so sure about your quit this time? Maybe your subconscious is grasping the fact that you really mean it, that you won't be caving, that you won't be smoking ever again, and it's having a big thrashing, screaming tantrum?

I'm rationalising my continuing craves that way. Although it's quietening down now, no way as bad as it was when I was at around day 30, I do still have some bad patches.

We just have to stick it out.


Yes, you could be right...food for thought...going back to my book, reading helps! Thank you :D


a month is a great achievement, but don't expect to be free of those pesky cravings just yet!! though it seems to vary from person to person i for one had tough cravings all the way up to three months, and who knows there may well be more in store...

but the time between cravings does get longer and there is more time to sit back and notice and celebrate the positive changes from around 30 days onwards. best wishes to you, just gonna go read a book myself too :)


Hi Sophie,

I am just past the 4 month stage and I would say (I hope) that its passed now.

But I dreamt I was smoking this week, and enjoyed it :confused:

Was out with loads of smokers today, though I would have liked one, I didnt need or want one, thats where the strength is now.

Keep going, at three months I struggled like mad, not wanting to smoke so much as everything else getting me down, missing things that were positives, like the social side of smoking.

I am convinced I will never smoke again and have adjusted my life to fit with that instead of fitting my life around fags.


Lol...can't resist a book, me...keeps me sane (well, as sane as I can be). I think I'm just so surprised at the intensity of the cravings...I really do not remember having them this badly after so much time before. That's what I'm finding so difficult. Just feels like I'm having to start all over again each time! Bleh!:(


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