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Day 77 & advice please


Hi all, just posting to let you know how things are going.

Well I am on day 77 today & Linlin also, I am still useing patches I have just gone on the lowest one, I still feel I need to be on them a little longer.

Am I still ok by still takeing them? I have only this week gone down to the lowest patch I am weaning of them but still I feel I need another week or two.

No way could I have gone cold turkey, different strokes for different folks I guess. Well done all of you. Love for now Joan XXXX

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Hugs Joan x x x

Good to see you x x x if they are the flat patches, not the raised gel type ones, you could try cuting them in half for a week then in half again etc.

Boudee says she or her mum did this, she can explain it better than me :D

77 days is such an achievement well done!! you take as long as you need, can't rush it and waste everything you have done!!

Take it easy x x

~Buffy x x

I'm not a doctor, but my feeling is you can stay on the patches for as long as you like. I can't see them doing any harm when used long term. At the end of the day, it's giving you the nicotine your body needs at the moment, and in a far healthier way than cigarettes with all the poisons they contain.

At 77 days, you're an inspiration to us all...keep it up :)

If you feel you need them for a bit longer then there's your answer. You're cutting down on the strength so you are working towards being nicotine free, there's no set timescale you have to get there in.

Hi ya Joanlaw :)

Im so glad to see you still doing well @ 77 days.I was on the micro tabs for the 1st 80 days and my smoking cessation nurse was suggesting i start to wean myself off them at my next appointment 30th jan (3 months non smoking) but i have stopped taking them after my last appointment 16th jan 2008 9 days cold turkey now, she will be pleased :):):)

Anyway the advice i would give is there is no hard and fast rules just pick a time to come off them when you think you can.

Not so sure you should be on NRT that long Joan, pretty sure the patch recommendations for a 20 a day smoker are ...

6 weeks (days 1-42) on the mg patch

2 weeks (days 43-57) on the mg patch

2 weeks (days 58-72) on the 7mg patch

Have a word with your GP or Pharmacist

Edit: Just done a little interwebby search and read, seems the recommended course for NRT's varies according to product

Patches 10 weeks, Lozenges 18 weeks, Gum 3 months, Nasal spray 3 months, Inhalator 3 months

Here's to the big One Oh Oh

Hi Joan

Good to hear from you and know you're okay. I'd never remember how long we've gone without searching for your posts!! I guess today makes 80 days - great!

I've been on the Nicotinell step 1 24 hr patch - contains 21 mg/24 hrs nicotine. The blurb says for 20+ per day smokers, we should be on these for 3-4 weeks, then the step 2 - 14mg/24 hrs for the next 3-4 weeks, then the step 3 - 7 mg for the next 3-4 weeks. Taking the maximum periods, we should be off patches completely in point 6 of a week!

I had a heck of a blip about 10 days ago and although my advisor had given me some step 2 patches, last week she put me back on step 1. My blip coincided with running out of HRT, using lower-dose patches and my usual probs with hubby! As the HRT is now up and running again (although doctor was reluctant as my bp is high for the first time ever) I decided to use the step 2 patches but found I must have used them in place of the step 1 patches. Searching cupboards I found a very old pack of patches I must have bought years ago as they have a use by date of 2006. They also say step 1, but are 15 mg/16 hrs - so someone changed the goalposts about how much is okay to use.

I'm planning to try a couple of days without patches soon, but I can't see myself cutting back on the lozenges just yet.

Am still undecided if my blip was due to lack of HRT or lower-dose patches, or just life in general, but I'm frequently panicky and over-anxious which is probably the cause of the high bp and the blip.

Keep us informed of how you get on without patches and we'll compare notes.


Oh linlin honey sorry about you blipping and things not being that easy at home xxxx

Men...:mad:...I spent this lovely Sunday having an argument with hubby :rolleyes:...I actually can't wait to go back to work tomorrow! :eek: GAH.

Same as :D had a week end of arguing :rolleyes: again!!

Can't wait for him to go back to work, if he gets his arse of the sofa :mad:

Otherwise i am taking up a job and leave him to do the chores!! ergh recipe for disaster!

What is it with weekends and arguments :rolleyes:

Buffy you have the kids though, here it's just the 2 of us when we argue it's SO boring :eek:. Picture me talking and talking AND talking while he's sitting on the couch staring at me blankly trying hard not to look at the tv for at least 5 secs :D Oh the fun.

How I long for Monday :eek:

What is it with weekends and arguments :rolleyes:

How I long for Monday :eek:

Hey! Forget about weekends. Think about your future retirement together when you share 24/7 and everyday is a weekend. That's the future for you.....:(:(

omg honey luckily it's not that bad in my case :eek:

I sure hope it's not that bad for you either x x x x

Except for the random silly argument hubby and I get along just fine, heck he's indeed the man I love and the one I would choose over and over again and again no matter what! :D

Raad_19751 Year Smoke Free

Great job! Stay on the patches as long as you need. . They are far better than the hundreds of chemicals in cigs


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