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Here it goes day 1

Ok, Here I sit at day one for like the millionth time. I hope that this day one will be different than the last. I would like this day one to turn into a day 2 this time :)

I woke up latter than I normally would to avoid my really old neighbor who waits at the end of my driveway for a cigarette every morning at 5:30 am. I will still need to keep a pack in the car to give him one every day but figure my first few days I should just avoid him.

Ok, now for me- I am now almost 10 hours from my last smoke and I miss it already. I have already went out to smoke twice this morning but I get outside and remember that I want this day 1 to turn into day 2 so back in I go without a smoke. I think today is going to be like a huge game to me. The cravings will make me go out and my (strong only at times) will power will send me right back in.

Well, back to work. I wish everyone a great day and lots of luck

p.s.- If you are looking for me at day2 tomorrow you may want to save some time ant look at day 1 first :D only kidding I think

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You really have to be sure you want to quit, be excited and not scared of it, don't be miserable about it.... you know how you can achieve these things?

just read! Read about the changes your body goes through the first 3 days (or 2 if you prefer) and really feel the changes happening.

Learn about why you have so much trouble with the first day (e.g. what triggers a crave physically as well as psychologically).

Most important of all (I think) is ask youself how much you want this, or rather how much you DON'T want to be crippled by a disease at a later stage.

It's great that you've decided to quit (It doesn't matter what number attempt this is) - just visualise the outcome of both options (quitting and not quitting) and think about what you really want. It's a no-brainer once you get into the right frame of mind :) this might help with that :)


Hi Sparky

Well done on deciding to give it another go :) How about you don't buy any cigarettes from now on, then even if you did go outside for a break, it wouldn't be as tempting for you.

See you on day 2 tomorrow, you can do it :D


Hi sparky,

You can turn day one into day two. All you have to do is not smoke. And you know what YOU CAN DO IT.

Look forward to seeing you on day 2 tomorrow



Take the fella a coffee instead?? You would be doing both of you a favour :D

It would be great for you to get to day 2 and beyond sparky. If you really want it, it'll happen. Keep busy, if you are going cold turkey the first three days are the worst. Hang in there and you'll soon be over it :)

Read and read and read - follow the links people give you and those at the bottom of the sigs.

Read other posts too. Keep going Sparky....


All that walking out then back in .... you'll get yourself all dizzy;)

Better dizzy and a path walked repeatedly than smoking though.

All the best with today, Sparky. In the scheme of things, a mere (when looking back) 3 days to get the nicotine out your system .... and then your well on the way.

Get with the reading of links in members signatures again and remind, re-educate and refresh yourself on what happens, what to expect and how to keep ahead of the game.

It's your quit, own it :cool:

See you in Day 2 tomorrow ;)

Pol :)


Go on Sparky, you can do it, you KNOW you can ;)

Gaynor x


Thank you all for the words of advice. As I struggle through the 14th hour of not smoking I realize that I only have myself to blame. If I stayed quit the last time I would be approaching 8 months. I hope I learned something this time


Hey Spark!

Right, no more of this "oh i miss a ciggie" nonsense! You are now a non-smoker, and self-pity wont change that!

Hahahaha, ok, ok... stern talking to is over.

You know what to expect. You have done this bit before- use it to your advantage. Do you NEED ciggies? NO. Maybe you want them right now- but i am sure that you want to live to see your children have children even more than you want nicotine!

Yeah, you miss it, but stick at it and you wont for long!

Will send you a PM via FB and kick your arse if needs be!


Your the best Claire. A huge congratulations to you today for your 6 month anniversary. I knew you would stay strong. I could see it straight from the start. Congrats again to my best facebook buddy


Hey Spark,

glad to see that my persistance paid off in the end, although i know it was more to do with your self will to be smoke free.

You know that you CAN do this- you can be smoke free, i know it!

Good luck, and just PM me when you need to.


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