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Day 1 Here we go!


I'm escaping this trap!

I wan't my mind back! I've tried quitting a million times... every sunday I say this week is a new start, then it's every month then every christmas and birthday. I've had a couple of good quits which only lasted a month. The only reason I start back up is because of the friends I was hanging round with smoke. In my head I feel like I'm missing out and why should I care I'm only 22 I should just enjoy myself.

So then I tried just socal smoking with my friends but that dosen't work for me as then I just want to hang out with smokers all the time. I always have reasons why I can't stop... It's either work is stressful (I don't know how to cope yet at work) or when I have days off I'm bored and smoking is gives me something todo.

I know all those reasons are stupid! I know smoking is just a drug and it takes awhile for it to leave the system so it's just a few weeks of discomfort. I made the decision that I will not wait any longer to stop, I'm going to stop saying I can't! I've made this goal and wrote it down, and joining this forum and being able to bitch with other quitters lol having this support system I'm sure is going to help me be successful.

I know there is no such thing as overnight results... It's the journey! I'm trying to get into the right frame of mind but I'm not in it. Although I don't think it matters anyway b/c on quits before I've been determend from day 1 and in the right frame of mind and that only lasts for a few weeks anyway and then I struggle.

What I'm trying to remember is that I'm not addicted to cigarettes I'm addicted to nicotine.

Ok well after I post this message I will have my final cigarette ever! :D

I'm going to beat this!!! No drug is going to kill me and I'm no mug who spends £7 aday on something that kills me.

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Just put out my final cigeratte :D

That's 1 thing I wont miss standing out in the rain and also the taste of cigeratte's and cups of tea lol.

I'm Free!

This is one decision in your life that you will NEVER regret if you stick to it. I wish I had had the gumption to quit when I was your age.You will just benefit from this decision, there are NO downsides long term. You may experience short term discomfort, but that is nowt compared to the smoke free life, believe me. Well done you.

Good shout Warrior. Keep it one day at a time and bitch here all you want.

Hi warrior well done on your decision to quit while your still young. I also wish i had done it when i was your age instead of slowly killing myself for 25 years. All the best with it mate use this forum to have a moan or to keep us updated or a personal diary for yourself, either way i wish you all the best with it. You are not alone mate we all in this together. said what I was about to..:)

Warrior quit while your young,dont waste years saying you,ll quit like me!

Ask yourself if you want to be a smoker in your 30s an 40s ect.Be strong you can do this and it will be your friends who envy you.:)

Hi all thanks for your replies!

Day 1 is over! It's been much more easier than I expected but this is only day 1. I woke up with the intention of doing a cleanse today and try flushing out all the bad toxins from my body. Well I had my first protein drink of the morning and my mum turned to me and asked if I wanted a piece of cake she'd cooked well It looked to good to refuse. I ended up binge eating on cakes all day until it gave me a dodgy stomach. Other than that I've slept most of the day... I feel drained.

I had 2 moments where I thought about having just 1 more pack and ill start again tomorrow and then I just thought I do this everytime I try to give up. Stop making excuses just stick out the pain and let this drug leave ur body.

Has anyone else had that feeling of being drained? I'm proud I made it through day 1 :)

Welcome warrior so glad your first day is over you have made the right decision ,i have not been sleeping good as i am on champix but i have heard of people feeling drained just stick with it you will be fine :)

Welcome warrior so glad your first day is over you have made the right decision ,i have not been sleeping good as i am on champix but i have heard of people feeling drained just stick with it you will be fine :)


What is champix? Is it a pill?

How long has it been for u and how u finding it?

Yes its tablets you get of the doctor ,this is my 2nd time on them last time i quit for 12 weeks then my brother had cancer and i went back on the fags since he has passed away i thought try again, had a few wee things at first on them headache upset tummy but nothing to bad but i honestly could not have done it without them i have been smoking nearly 30 years been on champix 3 weeks and you can smoke while you are on them i quit 1 week ago :)

Hi Warrior.First of all well done for getting through day1 it is a milestone and yes I felt tired when I gave up.I slept up to 16 hours a day for the first three days !!! I felt like a freak cos on this forum people were saying they couldnt sleep or they felt drained but no one said they slept loads.It was great.Id get up eat feel tired go to sleep get up watch tv feel tired go to sleep etc etc etc until 3days later Ta dah! Woke up Nicotine free.(they say it takes 3days to leave the body) Then I had to deal with the cravings etc.Maybe I was depressed bowt giving up and thats why I slept loads or maybe my body was detoxing I dont know.Anyway it worked for me am just starting week 3 now.Anyway all the best Warrior be strong and dont listen to Nicodemon.

ps Im using Nicquitin mini tabs they come in various strengths and you can get them at Tesco.Gum didnt work for me and patches made me red n itchy.Theres lots of NRT's out there to choose from.My daughter took Champix and it messed up her Serotinin levels so much she got depression and had to have counselling.

Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free


Great to read another post from another escapee!

I'll look out for your day 2 post. Hope all going well and that your resolve and determination are carrying you through these first few days.

Lauren :)

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