DAY 21 Going into 1 MONTH!

I found out that I have HypoThyroidism. Many of the symptoms were messing with me. I thought I had depression! Well actually I do, but its part of the Thyroid issue. I get my RX on Friday and I can get better. I thought I was losing it for sure. It would be good for all to take a lookie at the hormorne disorder...very interesting. Well, it did or does not affect my stop smoking! I am proud to be @ day 21! 1 more week and I can join the 1 month group of quitters! 10 day no patch...I use a lozenge now, maybe 2 times in a day...otherwise..I am doing great! Trying to be stress free..

God bless!

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  • Day 23 now...Thanks all for the sharing!

    Tomorrow FEB 3rd my B-day! and I will NOT be smoking!

    WOW! It will be day 24...I guess I have a early B-day gift...

    7 more days and we got a whole month under our belt!!!

    This forum is a great place. I thank all of you for being here...

    sharing... God Bless!:cool:

  • Happy Birthday Bluetree :D

    Have a great day and be SO PROUD of yourself for not smoking :cool:

    Reckon it's okay to celebrate with some cake though :p;)

    Zoe xx

  • Well done you :)

    Im only a day behind you and feeling pretty dam good!! Cant actually believe Ive managed it to be honest.

    Havent had a dream in which Ive smoked, Ive had dreams about me being stopped smoking and lots of other really weird random dreams (like not being able to leave the house, cause I couldnt find my eyebrows!!!)

    Other than that, everythings going along peachy!!

    Good luck in week 4, im right behind you!!

  • Thats just it, ive really been focusing on the good things this quit, previous quits I always focused on what I was depriving myself of....which is stupid cause we're not depriving ourselves of anything by not smoking!!

    A talking cat would be my worst nightmare. I have full blown conversations with my cats on a daily basis, simply due to the fact they always agree with me, never moan, never get cheeky etc etc .....

  • Felic2012 & Red80! GOOD going!

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Its wonderful to "see" ya'll!!! It soooo good

    to be where you are...I am a bit ahead now ya know...I am

    now looking at DAY 48 today!!!! YIPEEEE!!! The time has flown by!

    I now hardly take the lozenges...and if I do, it is a 1/2 tablet under

    the tongue!...Otherwise no use for a smoke! Now the dreams...

    I had 1 dream where I was trying to smoke an cigarette that was

    like almost gone! Like what was that about??? LOL!

    Keep going keep going I tell ya it will GET BETTER!!!!!!

    Look at my signature...mostly 30 yrs of smoking...and I am kicking it!


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