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Not sure if i can keep going (day 9)

Day 9 and things not getting any easier, i feel tired all the time, have no motivation, snapping at my husband and kids everyday and think is all this worth the hassle?? whats the point of puting myself through all this crap, im trying so hard to stay away from the cigerettes but the demons seem to be winning at the minute!! not coping well at all :mad:

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im sorry to hear that your losing hope and that demon is winning :mad:

but the fact you have come here first and posted means that there is a part of you that doesnt want to start again just remember why you stopped and think about those reasons plus your going through withdrawal symptons so your bound to feel bad but it will pass it will lessen these feelings if you need someone to talk to one on one ring the helpline the people on there are really supportive and nice plus its a free call so even better :)

or read some of the threads and leads on here

keep posting we all understand what your going through

regards Carol


it will get better beleive me i was the last person who near the beginning of my quit ever thought it could get better i was 99% sure i would never ever improve i thought i would be a sad, depressed person who constantly thought about smoking but as the days go by it gradually fades please stay strong read and post everyone here is great and knows how u feel. at the begininng i never thought i would be posting trying to help other people and here i am


Sammy, you're doing this because you chose the pain of change

I don't know if you've read that but it helped me realise that there are only two roads.. there's no inbetween and if you give up quitting now and go back to smoking you'll either carry on that way until you die (most likely prematurely) or you'll have to go through the 9 days all over again.

You've done so well so far, do you really want to spoil it at this point?


Hello Sammy

Have felt as you do Sammy and am now over 19 months quit - it does get easier

Best bit of advice for you at the mo is read this

Onwards and upwards, it is the best thing you'll ever do and do you really want to go through the last 9 days again. Do not give in, each hurdle overcome is one less to scale.



Day 9 - Keep going

Hi Sammy

I have been reading the Allen Carr book to help me. It's very comforting as everything you are thinking about not smoking is written in that book and stating why it is happening and what you need to do. I would def get it!

I am on Day 10 and have tried many times to stop before. I only smoked 6 a day for last 2 years, but have found those even harder to give up, as they seemed more special.

Hope you are OK. The thing that keeps me going is I don't want to have to go through the 1st 3 days again, as I found them so horrible!

K xx;)


Sweetheart, It hasnt been 9 days of hell. This is 1 bad day and its likely that you will feel entirely different tomorrow. I hope so anyway:)


Oh Sammy, I feel for you. It's hard, but you can get through it.

And think twice before you light up again: you may be putting your family through a bit of crap now, but it's nothing to what they would suffer if you kept on smoking and got sick because of it. Harsh, but true.

It does get better - I still have the odd bad day now but they're getting further apart, mostly the craves are easy enough to deal with, and I know from speaking to people further along that the road gets smoother and smoother.

Don't cave now, you've come this far. One day at a time!

Helen x


Hi sammy 9 days is brilliant ...... however you feel now. I get the feeling you wont be giving up without a fight. Youve come so far & im sure you dont want to be smoking & going back to day 1 all over again!!! it will get better as you get used to it...your bad temper will ease quite soon & you will begin to feel normal again ...As for the longterm side of a quit I will pass that onto someone more experienced then I am....But i can promise the above I wrote about will come about a lot sooner then you think ....This is something that you are now in control of ...& dosnt that feel good? well done to you :)


sammy i totally understand how you feel!! just know that what u are going through now temporary!! it will pass. you are going through a hard time..quitting is very hard but well worth it :) as said above revisit why u quit and think about how much you love your family and want to be around for a long time... please hang in there...hang in through the rain to get to the can be done!!


Hi Sammy,

A while ago I felt like you and I gave in to it. I then spent the last 14 months regreting it and trying to get into the right frame of mind to try giving up again. I am now on day 8 of packing in and the only big thing that gets to me now is that I have already been here before and if I hadn't given in to my cravings, this would be a thing of the past. So please think twice, three times or as many times as it takes before starting again, as in the end you would regret starting again.

All the best



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