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i got really stressed and wanted one so bad

earlier today i was stressed with a member of my family and i really wanted a cig. i am on day 14 and will not quit on my quit!!:D i told myself that i didnt come this far to go back again!! i thought it through...if i smoked the prob will still be there and now i will feel terrible that i smoked after 2 i didnt..its not worth it!! this was the 1st time i got this mad since i quit and i showed myself that i can handle my emotions without a cig!! but next tine i sure could use a punching bag!! lol..what are some things you guys do when u get angry and want a cig really bad?????

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I am glad you worked through the crave.

If I get angry and the thought of smoking enters my head, I remove myself from the situation if possible, or take 3 deep breaths and pretend I am blowing the stress out. Every day I remind myself that one cigarette will lead to 100's if not a 1000 more.


Luckily nothing has annoyed me too much as of yet.

Dont give in it wouldnt be worth it your doing too well, be strong.:)


For the first time in 14 days like you today I could have/missed a fag. Had a s**t day at work withy s****y people knowing I had an interview to go for this afternoon. Not an easy general chit chat interview but one of those real testy ones lol. Never had one before so was worried about that as I really want this job & know I am more than capable but could blow it in the interview. I did think about the fact that normally I would have had a fag to calm my nerves but not too many as who wants to go into an interview reeking of fags. Then the thought of when you come out & relieved it is over smoking a good couple one after the other :eek:

I didn't & haven't but the notion was there. Just a thought I guess of what I used to do. Still not a crave or want just a remembrance, does that make any sense?

Gaynor xx


How did the interview go Gaynor??


ok. Could have been better from my point of view. Was a behavioural interview :eek: Never had one before & don't want another thank you. We will see, really want the jog, working for Monsoon :D:D Will be gutted if I don't get it xxx


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