No Smoking Day
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Looking back

Every one is doing so fantastic I am still in shock that I even made it past week 1 never mind into month 3.

When I look back now at my smoking habits that is exactly what it was a stupid habit. I was sure that I actually enjoyed a smoke but did I really??? Hmmm now Im not to sure that I did my head said I did but ..... na it was just something I did every hour of every day. Stuck a white stick in my mouth light it and if I thought I wasn't going to get to my next hour break I would smoke another on straight after so not to 'miss out' !!! Now how dumb was that!!

Well I am so happy to be free of that dumb habit and having extra money in my purse is having a great big pay rise :D

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Well done timetostop :D

Gyanor x


Well done timetostop!!

I used to do the same, sometimes i'd have 3 or even 4 in a row on my fag break at work, usually when there was someone to talk to and we'd get in to a deep and complicated conversation. I'd feel sick after 2 but would still light a third and then a fourth just to stay in the conversation!! WTF!!

The extra money is great, although i now own a LOT more shoes, oops!!


:) well done and yeah when you think about the whys :eek: and wtf and mental head time :confused::eek: its really scary i came out of sainsburys earlier and its peeing down with rain and there was 2 guys trying to stand under a flimsy tree not sure if they were trying to dodge the rain because def wrong time of year for the leaf coverage and both smoking frantically trying to get as much nicotine into themselves i actually stood watching them thinking god i used to be like that on a break i used to roll my own and pre roll at least 3 using small papers to smoke on a break to cram in as many as i could as i used to sit watching the clock i really thought i had forgotton how it felt but seeing those guys bought back that memory i still cant remember how if actually felt smoking a ciggy now though but im so glad that i dont have them in my life anymore oh yeah money money money every week i come back from shopping thinking why have i got so much more in my purse hehe mind you the only down side ive found is the fact because i dont have to buy baccy anymore i keep forgetting to get my lottery tickets its a good job i only buy lucky dips so i dont lose any sleep over the fact


I rolled my own too Carol. And I also used to cram them in. I'd always move my car (to dodge the traffic wardens :mad:) at 11 when I'm working and I used to roll 3 fags before I went. One to smoke on way to car, one whist moving it, and one walking backto th office. Used to smoke all 3 even if it made me feel sick, so desperate was I to get the nicotine in. Must have been mad :eek:


It's crazy when you look back at it smober.

I was on the bus this morning and the guy next to me REEKED. I always thought rollies smelled nicer than normal fags so I wouldn't be so repellent (and actually they are marginally better, I still think) but still... this guy absolutely ponged of tobacco and it was horrible. Who was I kidding?

And having to huddle by the bins outside my office in the freezing cold and driving rain just to get my fix. Eurgh.


I LOVE that word, smober!!!



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