No Smoking Day
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Day 10 and feeling Fine! :D

Hey everyone!

I wasnt able to come on over the weekend, was too busy, just an update. I made it through the dinner on Friday night not smoking, it was hard but I did it :D

Still having werid dreams but seem to be having a more restful sleep. Cravings are sort of decreasing in seriousness, it is turning into a notion rather than a need, you know, I think for about a minute "o i would love one" not "jeees if I dont get one I am going to pull my hair out" lol.

Anyway, it is def getting easier (hope I havent scudded myself)

Hope everyone esle is doing well!

Jill xxx

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Well done Jill, i know you were worried of the meal on friday so you must now be really proud of yourself............. and so you should be :D


Thanks Pete!

I really am proud, and I made up with my hubby after the tiff and I have to say, if I had have smoked I would have blamed him, causing me the stress etc etc. so I am glad for both of our sakes that I didn't lol.

How are you doing?



I struggled with the cravings a bit over the weekend Jill. I think it was down to lack of sleep (awake from 2:30am Saturday morning :().

Cravings aren't too bad today, just have a bit of a feeling of emptiness for some reason but defo better than the last few days i'm pleased to say.


Yeah I know what you mean, sometimes I forget that I am a non-smoker and when I realise that I cannot smoke I feel a bit empty. Just try and tell yourself how much benefit we are doing to our bodies by not smoking and try and forget about the negative.

Glad today is better for you!

O and also with regards to the sleeping, I went to Holland and Barrat and bought Kalms, they are very good, they took the restlessness out of my sleep, maybe give them a wee go!



Know what you mean about forgetting youre a non smoker, the realisation that you cant smoke again sometimes hits home hard!

Congratulations everyone, with each others contributions on here we can all do it.... with this many people there is NO reason to feel like youre going through it on your own..... theres LOADS of us!!! ;)


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