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day 10 and feeling ill


Morning all.

Last night i went to lay on my bed and fell alseep, I'm aching down my legs, my back, my head hurts. I don't know if its due to stopping smoking or i'm coming down with something? Anyone else had this?

I'm taking painkillers.

Not smoking has been hard past few days too but i havn't given in.I'm not so positive as i was last week, but thats not to say i'm going to start smoking again.


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Morning Nikki

Sorry to hear you not feeling well. That may be the reason you don't feel so positive about your quit as you did last week. You should maybe see a doctor if the symptoms continue.

Keep it going Nikki your doing great.

Thanks Bob i'll see how i get on, I am having very strong thoughts of going to the shop and buying ciggies!!! I've just got to stay strong and not give in!


Thanks Bob i'll see how i get on, I am having very strong thoughts of going to the shop and buying ciggies!!! I've just got to stay strong and not give in!


Try to hold out Nikki,

You’ve been through so much to get to this stage, Please don't bow out now.

Try to remember what it was like as a smoker and refresh yourself with all the reasons why you wanted to stop in the first place.

This is just another one of the many triggers you have already passed in the last two weeks.

Stay focused and try and stay positive and you'll get passed today. Stay on this forum and read read read Nikki.

You have done so well to purge your body from the nicodemon, Don't let him back in.

Hi Nikki :)

I'm so sorry you're feeling ill today I suspect it's part of the quit as I had it early in mine as well' and is also more than likely why you're thinking about fags more and don't fell so positve at the moment

Remember that when you smoked you turned to fags as a cure all, we all did

But you don't need them any more and haveing one would certainly not make you feel better, they'd just make it worse as you'd be so mad at yourself for giving in

Hang in there and if your aches don't go in a day or so see the Dr

Hope you feel better very soon


Marg xxxxxxx

Hi Nikki I went through that on two quits the first quit between day 10-15 felt ill and couldnt stop thinking about cigs ended getting myself in a state and buying some and ruining my quit. I felt 10 times worse that I had smoked and that it had made me feel worse. I think around that time it is where your mind kicks in and trys a last attempt to get you to smoke. Keep strong and remember we are here for you x

Hi Nikki,

Sorry to hear your feeling abit rough.

I remember feeling like this and for me I think it was just the effects of quitting... but if it continues, pop along and see your GP.

Your doing really well so stay strong and stay focused:)

Lottie -x-

Hi nikki

I found it harder on the second week from my past experience.Though everyone is different. Hang in there nikki you can pull through it

*Ace sends nikki some positive vibes ~ ~ *

lee x

10 days

Hi Nikki,

Just saw your post about feeling ill etc and have had a quick look on the internet - it is probably a combination of all of your organs detoxing from the carbon monoxide and also just general tiredness and weakness as they are trying to re-build themselves.

Please try not to think about cigarettes as you have come so far and are doing so well, this will only put you right back at Day one and you will have to start the whole process all over again and then go through this again!

If it makes you feel any better I got home from work last night and was feeling absolutely rubbish, had been to gym and just crawled into bed in gym clothes ( I know - filthy!) and everything, didnt move until this morning and even then dragged myself out of bed and was late for work - took a taxi and usually walk, couldnt even be bothered with the Tube this morning.

So it is not just you - everyone going through quitting experiences different things, this is a major test you are going through, stick with it - you can do it!!!!

Remember what doesnt break you makes you stronger - I know you can get through today and tomorrow without a cig - am routing for you!

Take care and let me know how you feeling tomorrow. Drink lots of hot water/milk with lemon and honey this will give your immune system a boost!:)


Thanks everyone for your support, i still feel ill but everyones right, it won't make me feel any better if i cave in and smoke.

I had to go shopping this morning and i looked at the ciggie counter and then just looked away.

I thought week 2 would be easier, i guess it would be if i didn't feel so ill.

I'm getting irratable as well where as last week i walked round with a big grin on my face.I suffer with depression so i can't rule out i might just be going through a downer phase.

I'm not going to give into feeding my addiction, plus i would be letting MJ down,( my quit buddy )as well as myself and i really don't want to go back to day 1.

Nikki x

P.S bout time i had some of those positive vibes back Lee :D

I just spoke to a stop smoking advisor and asked if how i'm feeling is a result of side effects of quitting this was his reply....

It can sometimes lower your immune system (due to stress) and that can make you a bit more likely to cathc any bugs going around. It'll normally pass in a few days and as a non-smoker you'll be a lot less likely to sick in the future.

His typing is worse than mine!

Go Nikki!! :)

Hi Nikki,

Thats the attitude - well done!! The smiles will probably return full scale next week and you will be smiling non-stop!!! And it will probably be me who needs help next week!!!

Keeo chin up you are doing so well!!:):)

MJ xx

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