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Day 8 and feeling fine


Hi All.

Day 8 and im feeling the most confident and actually happy i have felt for a long time.

Getting married in September and the pressure is on but dont feel like a ciggie at all.

Yesterday had a communion to go to with booze and ciggies everywhere. Had a few drinks and have to admint there was a few moments as in minutes when cravings where there and some people actually did try to tempt me but didnt give in and that has showed me that it is possible to go and have a few drinks and a good time with out the ciggies.

So feeling pretty good. Also have a new fitness regime that im doing to clear these intoxicated lungs.

Anyway enough of me chatting away.

Keep it up everyone and all people on day 1 it does get easier.

Have a lovely day.

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Hi Freeatlast :D

Well done on 8 days and feeling happy about it great

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding and not wanting a fag with that stress either

Well done on being around booze and fags and not giving in


Marg xxxxxxx

Hi Marg

Thanks for the reply. I actually feel really really good and i am pretty surpised. Day 9 today and just dont have any cravigs at all. Really quite shocked.

Feeling fitter , happier and just the feeling that im enjoying life that bit more.

weird feeling but good nver thought that giving up smoking would bring all these benefits. Oh and my daughter is much happier that i have quit also, as she gets more pocket money ha.

Thanks again.

well done

that is fantastic if you can go out and drink without smoking, i have made sure i never have ore then 2 drinks when ive had a drink, and i have not been near a pub since my quit 10 weeks ago, so well done you.

Very well done Freeatlast. 9 days is fab work keep it up.xxxxxxxxx

Well done freeatlast it does get better.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx


for the replies. feeling fine today but my chest is pretty tight for some reason and hardly no sleep last night.

but no cravings.

It does get easier as the days go by, rarely think about ciggies during the day maybe once or twice pretty surprised.

Thanks again all.


Well don Freeatlast, just think you will be a beautiful bride without a cigarette in your hand. It always looks out of place I think, seeing a bride smoking.

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