No Smoking Day
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Still here on day 3

Well, I've almost made it through day three. 3:15 PM Thursday over here. Just trying to do what others have said and take it one second, minute, hour and day at a time. :)

Right now I can't see any reason not to be back for day 4. But, I'm afraid it's going almost to easy for me and pretty soon the craving is going to hit me like a rock. :eek:

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Delighted to see you still hanging in there :D

Its a big milestone getting day 3 done and out the way - thats supposed to be the worst day done :)

Congrats again and hang in there - you will be surprised how quickly the days mount up :)



hi i was going to reply on your first post then saw this one and you have made it to day 3 :D thats brill

just remember to take one craving at a time and just try and keep your mind and hands busy as regarding drink it def can help to weaken your resolve and even better helps to give you reasons to start smoking again :( but i actually drink most days just a couple as i didnt want to deprive my body of everything and found it has helped me but then again everyone is different

this site and the people help me as just reading some of the threads and links on the forums when a craving is hitting me has helped no end

regards Carol


Thanks guys!

I know what you mean Carol. I did drink a few beers the other night, and you know what, they didn't even taste that good anymore without a cigarette :eek: , So last night it was no cigarettes and no alcohol and I made it through it. Got to admit I went through a lot of snacks :) , don't know what my waist line is going to look like pretty soon :D

Will post on day 4 part tonight and then that post should run for a couple of days until I move into next week. :)



Hi Ron well done on getting through another day :) it is hard to keep your hands and mind occupied i find playing games online helps me and reading some of the links and threads on here

regards Carol


Keep it up


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