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Here at day 3 and feeling good !!..



Hello every one ,

Missed day 2 was so busy but had a great day with my friend who smokes. went outside with her evrytime she had to light up and felt strong. did not even have an urge for one. perhaps i am getting use to seeing my hubby go out and light up every half hour now ...

Was up baking cakes till 11 pm thought its best to try a new hobby. really enjoyed it and was keeping myself occupied as much as possible.must say the cakes were a big flop and did not look anything like the picture in the book. and did not taste great so were binned, but what the hell all a learning game and loving the new me....

Hope everyone is getting on ok, this is the best journey in life we can go on even if we hit some rocky roads eh. hope you all have a great day.

life is so precious and its time i learn to appreciate it and not abuse it with smelly horrible cigs.

ali xxxx

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Hello, that last line was just what I needed to read. Life is too precious. Why do our best to make it shorter for us by smoking? Good luck, I'm on a course of zyban and quit day next wed, bit scared as its about my 9th attempt!

Hi alfie

Dont worry you will be fine.

I seem to learn more reasons not to smoke with each quit. keep your reasons close to you, why its so important to kick this habit to where it deserves to be in the bin !!!.

Like i say life is so precious and we need to grab it with open arms and smile everyday we have gone without damaging our health.

Try and think positive ,each quit has made us more confident and strong. i try and plan ahead for the day now and not think ahead too far,just one day at a time. then be really proud to tick another day off.

Keep reading it helps

will look out for you next wed.

ali x

Hi Alison and Alfie

Firstly really well done to both of you! Fantastic stuff.

I did the baking thing too Alison - mine didn't work either hahahaha, but I did enjoy eating the raw cake mix!

You sound so up and positive, brilliant stuff and stay that way!!

Alfie don't be scared. Everyone of us here has tried and tried and tried! But if you think about it logically what's so scary about NOT doing something!! :D But I do know what you mean. Embrace it though. This is IT. A better life, with clean teeth, lungs that work properly and no nasty smell lingering about you - oh and better off too! You can do it!

Good luck both!

Thanks, I reckon talking about it helps a lot. Had weird but amazing dream last night. Just been googling smoking related images, awful

Well done Ali - if you need a cake tester give me a shout, I have an appetite for anything and everything :D

Hi Thanks karri, trust me the cakes last night were not edible or perhaps my taste buds are fussy now !!!.

Alfie - hope you have some amazing dreams tonight too !! keep googling smoking related images all part of educating ourselfs against the horrible reality of smoking... hope your feeling ok.

D-dale- The raw cake mix was def the best it brought back child hood memories of licking the spoons, best i stick to just raw mix. managed to make some flapjack tonight easy -the choc cookies were fine except i had to scrape them of the baking sheet - its not what they look like but how they taste ha ha.and they washed down lovely with a cup of tea. healthy dips tomorr , i am gaining the pounds already .long long walks this week end.

Royaldecameron, i did shout but dont think you heard me , delicious cookies .i have some flapjack left if thats any good.

Has anyone been watching the smoke house !! been quite good.

Hope everyone has had a great day,

luv ali xx

Well done Ali :D

This takes me back, it is great to see all you guys who are just starting out on this journey being so positive and helpful to one and other.

My earlier posts were just like that as were others that were stopping at that time too.

So keep it going stay positive for one and other and you will help each other to get there.

Well done all.


I suppose it helps to see it can be done and Karri well done for not giving up.

One day you'll look back and know it was the right decision. ;)

Jack x

Oh wow! I haven't had that thought for many many years... My mum in the kitchen with a transparent Tupperware bowl containing cake mix, which she stirred with a spatula (wooden handle, rubber scraper). I would always ask her if I could lick the bowl :D That was far more important than eating the cakes once they were cooked.

Sorry, I got off track there...

Good luck with your quit!!!

Oh, bother, now I'm going top have to pretend to rustle of a cake... too much good imagery at this hour of the day to resist. Just the word tupperware does it really!!

How's the quit going? I hope you're still as positive and happy :D


I did the baking thing too Alison - mine didn't work either hahahaha, but I did enjoy eating the raw cake mix!

Did you remember to turn the oven on??? :rolleyes:;)

Did you remember to turn the oven on??? :rolleyes:;)

Why should I have done, I thought cake just kind of set?:o

HI everyone,

So sorry i have not been on posting.. been far too busy licking raw cake mix and wow before i knew it im here on day 10 mr frosty would say thats grrrreat !!..

Still feeling very positive and had my little differences with mr nic telling him where to go when he decides to play with my head.

Had one moment where i completely lost it and nearly ran to the shop to buy some cancer sticks, but reasoned with myself and feeling so much better for not giving in.

Apart from the weight gain which is already 10lb plus since this quit im happy. (no more cakes) .

Hope everyone else are having great days . wish the sun would stay nice to breathe in lovely fresh air. and funny enough coffee tastes so much better than i could ever imagined.

luv ali xx:D

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