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Day 5

Hi Ev1 i'm a newbie . not sure i'm even doing this right ..... I am in my 5th day of hell !!!! I am soooooo struggling with everything right now and finding it hard to concentrate and stay focused . I am 31 and have been a smoker of 25-30 cigs a day for 21 yrs . I am currently on 24hr 21 mg patches which are working but doesnt stop me wanting or needing just 1 usually every now and then but today for some reason it's been all day of just ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH wanting it ... PLEASE tell me it does get easier !!!!

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Hi Sam

Welcome, I am sure you will find this site useful and informative! Congratulaations on quitting the evil nicotine and...

Good News - It does get easier!!

Keep taking one day at a time and before you know it you will have gone a month.

If I can give you any advice it would be to read, read, read. Look at all the old posts as it will both give you an insight of what is to come and also distarct you from the cravings.

Good luck!!!


Hi and welcome to the forum and well done on going 5 days :) as John says it will get easier and i know thats not much comfort to you atm but you need to find something to do when your getting a craving which will pass btw and take one craving at a time and after a while it will suddenly dawn on you that the cravings arnt so intense and will start to feel the benefits

we are here for the good and bad times and you will def have some of both

well done again for 5 days smoke free :D

regards carol


Thank you John and Carol for being here and for your support it defo means alot x :-) it's been a long and drawn out day today but thank god it's nearly over . still struggling to sleep at mo but not finding the cravings that bad now phew lol . My husband also stopped smokong the same time as me as were doing it together but we don't really comfort each other as neither of us want to bring up the convo's just in case the other 1 is coping until the dreaded ciggie's are brought up.... He too had a very bad day today for some reason which caused a bit of heat in the household ..our poor kiddies just stayed out of our ways but they know its not always gonna be like this we keep telllling them its not and we will be bk to norm soon . Thank you again and sorry this is long lol no doubt i will be on here for a while now :D


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