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1st day yet again

hi all fellow quitters.

my 1st day yet again..been the longest 10 days of my life.smoked for 25 years 20 to 25 day

started off 25 mg patches..after 2 days of patches i did 3 and a half days cold turkey the alan carr way..start of day 4 had bad pmt and cracked had one cigg and then went bqck to the patch for 3 days and now its my 1st day cold turkey nearly seems easier this time because im starting to break the habits..

i would never have been able to do cold turkey without reading alan wasnt that he put me off the patches he just gave me the courage to think maybe i could do it on my own.

have to keep referring constantly back to his book to keep strong.the good thing is is that i totally dont want to be a smoker and the cig that i had after nearly 4 days tasted vile..when i was smoking it i thought is this what ive been tasted like it had lost its kick so this is what i remember..

wondering if a plastic cig might help instead of nibbling a pen..the only time i really feel that somthing is missing is when am relaxing in the evening on the computer..hows everyone else getting on.

best wishes shelly

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Evening Shelly and welcome to the boards:D

When you say "day one yet again" don't let that get to you, many of us have tried and tried before and failed and now we are the succeeding quit (this is my 8th attempt)

I myself am on the patches and i think they are great.

There are many others on here that have read the book though and swear by it.

I have not used the plastic cig, mainly because personally i think the quicker you get rid of that "hand to mouth" motion, the easier the quit becomes, but every one is different.

I see you are CT now, but if you feel you are struggling big time, don't hesitate to use some sort of NRT, as that is far better than lighting up again.

Look forward to seeing you on day two tomorrow, dont go this alone, every one here is here to help you.

Snowie xx


thanks snowie.

your post made me feel a lot better..and cheered me up

if i get a craving i cant handle i will definalty be back on the patches..

on the 4th day last time found it so hard and cant believe putting myself through it again ct but its a learning curve so far o good.

.you are right about the hand to mouth action didnt even occur to me until you said it..maybe i ll still to my strawberrry bon bons..ive managed to be able to drink tea without cig by putting more sugar in..seems to work.

this is my 3rd serious attempt and like you snowie..never give up on giving up..great forum.thank you for your made my evening seem better and that im not the only one partner has done 10 days ct and with no has he done it so easily and i cant..


my partner has done 10 days ct and with no has he done it so easily and i cant..

Hi Shellyruby1

Welcome to the boards. I agree with snowie. Don't let the fact you have quit before and not suceeded get to you. Each time you have leart something you can take into this quit and make it stick. YOu have learnt triggers which this time you can prevent as you know to expect them.

As for the above. You can't compare your quit to anyone elses. Quitting is a very personal journey. Yes you will have the same probelms as others and the same highs as others but generally at different times. You may find that your partner comes up against it at 1 month or 3 months, he may not. But that is his quit. You concentrate on yours and your highs and lows and you wil get through them:D

Take it one minute, one hour one day at a time and you will be fine:D



Hi shelleyruby and welcome to the forum where we are all in the same boat as you. Well done you on keeping going on your quit, tht is the main thing and it will only get easier and easier (after the rough bit!) I am on Champix and Allen Carr and the book is really helping me. I am in my 9th day and believe it or not am actually starting to feel good about the cravings because I know that they are getting less and I know that I can beat them one at a time. I have also taken up knitting again and even gone back to yoga - yup I need all the help I can get.

Like you I feel that this time I really can do it. My OH and I stopped 5 years again and he sailed through it CT no problems at all. I struggled for 5 months and thenstarted amoking again. I felt awful then, like I really let myself down and to make it worse was beaten by him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I am using those feelings this time round - after an extra 5 years of pumping all that rubbish into myself.

Read loads of threads on here too, it all helps and remember that just one puff starts that vicious addiction all over again.

Have a good smoke free day everyone


Hi and welcome,

Congrats on getting this far, just keep plodding!! Everyone is different, and you just need to do what you think is best. Some people go out and about I personally tried to hibernate as much as possible the first few days. It does get easier, I am on day 28 now, and I like the fact that for several weeks I have woken up and my first thought has NOT been to have a ciggie!


Welcome to the site :)

Well done for deciding to quit. Some people can quit cold turkey. My other half did, just like that, stopped smoking using just his will power. I couldn't, even now 4 weeks down the road, i get cravings if I'm not wearing my patch.

Do it your way, what works for some doesn't work for others and vice versa. Lean on us and read here lots, it definately does help xx


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