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1st day for me..Wish Me Luck

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Well I've been reading alot on here-and have decided todays my 1st day of no fags, with a little help of patches. Not looking forward to it all but know it'll be worth it. Have smoked since I was 18- now 35 and smoke around 15 on a bad day. Have already started to get stained teeth and receeding gums so god knows whats going on inside my body!!-but hoping it'll get better from today.

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good luck im on day 2 and its going realy well so far so good :D

Thanks :) I'm glad I've found a place where I dont feel on my own. Todays not been too bad-after dinner was abit stressful but I headed straight for the clearing up- its never been so tidy in the kitchen!!

Good luck Helen!

One if the keys to a successful quit is strength of mind, and the other is to keep yourself busy. It sounds like you are managing both really well! Kudos!!


Hi Helen and welcome to the forum which will no dought help you to stop smoking. I came on her when I was on about 3 weeks and I know without this forum I may not have stopped.

I'm now on day 514 but like you I started on day one. If you really want to stop you will.

Keep posting every day so we where you are and how you're doing.


Best of Luck with

Good Luck with it all Helen,

I am on day 18, it is tough at times, but this forum is so helpful, you are not on your own :D xx

Good luck xxxxxx you can do this !!!!!!:d

good luck

All the best and keep hanging in therre . Just think how non smokers get through the day .It is just our addicted mind that thinks we need a cig . If we could not have cigarettes as the delivery method for nicotine and they changed it to having to inject every hour .Seriously ! Would you do it !!

I wish you the very best of luck Helen.

There will be times when you just want to crack up but remember its only an addiction. Your life will not be over if you don't have your fix even though it feels that way at the time.

We are all here should you need someone moan at about 'the noisy postman' or 'the pattern on the carpet in the library'. Small things can seem VERY important lol.

Or even to talk back to front nonsense such as 'i want to but i don't and i know i won't but i'd like to' We usually understand as we've probably all been there already.

Good luck and keep posting.

well done on deciding to quit and welcome to the forum. I quit on 4 March 2011, and have had many ups and some very nasty downs but throughout it all I keep reminding myself why I decided to quit in the first place. Keep strong, you will get there

One step at a time

At start, on Day 1, I counted how many hours since last ciggy. Then it was counting the hours on Day 2 and so on - now after 25 days I am starting to relax even about counting days - but as some-one told me - You don't die because you've not had a ciggy!!!

I rewarded myself often. With anything I fancied!! Chocolate. A gin and tonic. or hours on internet just to keep busy. I bought a tapestry ( no -not a thatched cottage one!!! ) and also got long forgotten knitting out!! My cupboards are also now tidyier than before. Anything to keep busy. Have a long hot bath. wash hair and feel fresh. Do it twice a day if you have time. Even makes the house smell fresher.

But best of all is I don't smell of stale cigarettes. You will soon notice passer-bys that reek of smoke !!! Not a good image is it!!!

I feel as if I've been set free.

And if I can do it - so can you.

Hi There... Great decision to quit! I quit last July and it was pretty easy thanks to Reading Allan Carr - Easyway (read it about 7 times) backed up with his other book Allan Carr - The Only Way... I honestly believe he has the only solution out there to making the break from cigarettes easy and exciting. I may have to read the books over and over to keep my head in the right place as we are constantly brainwashed into thinking fags should play a part in our lives.

You can do it! You can do it easily with Allan Carr.

Good Luck! Life is so much better once you realise smoking is the biggest con out there.



Congratulations for the decision to quit ... and welcome to the Forum ...

All the best on your quit


Welcome Helen you've come to the right place.

I wish you all the best on your quit.


Well Done Helen!

Keep it up. Golden rule one day at a time!

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Cfarw1 Year Smoke Free

good luck!!!

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