Hardest day yet!...Struggling!!

The worst day yet! I started work at 6.30, by 8.00 was desparate for a cig.

Had some nicotine gum...not sure if it made me feel better or worse!! but I felt tired out, dizzy & totally down all morning. If I wasn't out in the middle of the forest I would have bought some cigs!:eek: working alone today so no moral support:(

At dinner time I sat under a tree in the sunshine & put Paul mckenna on my mp3. Made me feel a bit more determined & the fact that I can really taste my food now,put me on a high!! Ok all afternoon..got home to find my 2 sons & wife all at each others throats!! That didn't help me much, so I grabbed a cuppa & went & sat in the field with my horse!! Been struggling all evening, hoping tomorrows a better day :(

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  • Hi ytene, sounds just like my day today, but each day we get through without caving in is another step towards freedom, if i tell myself this enough then hopefully will be easy to believe it!

    im using patches and lozengers and have been thinking maybe i need to stop one of them but not sure which to go with,

    It so helps to have the support from everyone on here and great that so many offer the support, sometimes think my oh is sick of hearing me talk about everything to do with not smoking.

    well done on getting through a tough day and keep strong for every bad day there will be two good ones!


  • Some days will be bad some will be easy, and as time goes by you will find the that the bad days get fewer and the easy ones more plentyful.

    Here's to a good Wednesday!

  • Thanks Tracy, Some days it feels like there are some benefits..But on others you wonder if it's worth it :( .

    I dont know if the nrt helps or not!! yesterday it seemed to help loads, but I think it made me feel worse today!!!

    :) Still we've all come this far...better carry on or we'll get a telling off from the others!!:D.

    Tomorrow will be the best day!! (honest!):)


  • Well i reckon we book our good days in advance and ye you right about nrt sometimes it does feel like it helps but other times i think it is making me feel worse,

    heres to our good day tomorrow,

    feel positive tonight, strange how your mood can change in minutes,

    nite nite!

  • Hi Ytene :D

    So sorry you had such a bad day but as Nic say's the bad will get less and the good fewer not much help I know but neverless true and am sure tomorrow will be better for you

    Hi Tracy :D

    Sorry you had a bad day as well but tomorrow will be better for you as well

    Love to you both


  • :) Thanks All, Glad you're here! Don't think I'd have made it this far without the support!!!:D XX.

  • hi Ytene

    you will \have bad and good days-but you CAN get through these, stay focused-after all you are fighting for freedom from the evil weed

  • Ytene(Alan) and Tracy.... you guys just hang in there..... I won't lie to you, my first month I had 2 days I felt 'normal' and maybe a wee bit happy even.... the rest.... well, not so hot. I have had 4 days now in a row..... happy, content to be a non-smoker, NO.... HAPPY to be a non smoker. I called my mom daily (never wanting to be on the phone cause that was my major smoking trigger) and cried "I just want to feel normal again" and I do now...... except I am not just 'normal' I am now a non-smoker' which to me means healthy, non-addicted (having to feed monster every hour), smelling good, and richer :D and you know.... so much more..... so hang in there... the first few days can be tough but you CAN do it..... it is do-able. So hang in there!

  • Hi Ytene :D

    Hope you feel better today



  • Thanks everyone! weds evening now, got over a bad day yesterday....a bit rough this morning up untill about 10.30........felt great ever since:D

    Dug half of veggie patch tonight & cleared a shed out!! Full of energy!!!:)

  • Hi Ytene :D

    Sorry you felt rough this morning but very glad to here OK now oh boy you really are full of energy aren't you



  • I was! Knackered now:p Not as young as I used to be!!:(

  • You'll be aching tomorrow!!;)

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