No Smoking Day
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Alright, month 2, here I come!

This, feels weird :) but good at the same time!!

If there was any opportunity for me to smoke up again, this week is IT! As I am all alone at home, nobody to watch me, nobody to disturb. This was usually a welcome time to break out the makeshift ashtray and to have the luxury of a morning coffee WITH a cigarette, ahhhhh ;)

I think I'll do fine without, thank you very much.

I did notice another problem and thought though.

I got the hunch that several people said they don't want to turn into the "ex smoker bitch" that some people seem to transform to. You know like, really letting the leftover smoker friends know how bad this is for them, how much better they would feel if they'd quit, just generally nagging about the whole thing. And I'm thinking, why not?

It probably would have made me quit earlier if there would have been enough people nagging at me.

If there would have been enough quitters around me to tell me that quit rocks!

Hubby quit some 5 years ago I want to say. The moment where we supposedly quit together but I just went on smoking silently and out of reach. He never said ANYthing, like that he feels better or whatever. Nothing, not a word. Just being a big macho guy who has NO problem with quitting, it was never an issue.....kinda pissed me off cause I tried and I couldn't.

So, to come back to the previous question. I don't think its all that bad if quitters turn a bit bitchy about others smoking. We need not tell them to stop but we definitely should let them know that they COULD feel a lot better and that it is THEIR CHOICE. Anything wrong with that?

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Absolutely brilliant!! Well done :D

I agree, i think it does not natter at all if we turn into bitchy preachers :cool:

Yes i used to hate those type of people, but now i totally understand where they were coming from!

I think men tend not to preach as much as women, i know my brother ( not the one that passed away) he gave up about 4 years ago now and he never really mentioned it much, where as his wife who quit the same time, used to preach to me when ever she could lol

Must be more a "women" thing lol

Well done again hun

Snowie xx


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