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Week 4: here I come!

Ta-dah. Day 22 has dawned and in the words of a rather grumpy character (that I have resembled more often than not these last few days, ha, ha!), I DON'T BELIEVE IT!

Well, I think I better had!

How amazing it is, despite some torturous ups and downs, to be able to breathe, to not feel guilty about doing something I didn't really want to do, to have everything in me screaming for a fag but not have one, to know that I can always get support and the advice of experienced and understanding quitters on amazing indeed.

Thank you everyone so much because without you, I wouldn't be here - it's that simple :) :)


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Congratulations 👍👍 xx


It's just fantastic, to be reading your posts, doing a fab job,

Just keep going:):)


Badge, you're an asset to the forum and your posts are wonderful. :)

Many congratulations from me- that's mighty! :D

What will you be doing to celebrate? Something is called for I think.


Really well done Badge, no stopping you now xx :D


Well done Badge it's great innit. A bit of a roller coaster but great!:D


Really appreciate everyone's comments, feedback, inspiration, encouragement and advice for the road ahead.

When I remember how I couldn't even conceive of the idea of either going 24 hours without fags or saying no even once to a desperate craving, and now I'm 22 days, it seems massive. And at the same time, when I hear of the journey of you wonderful old timers (I'm talking quit time, not age!) then I feel I've hardly begun but I'm not discouraged because you're all very inspiring. Categorically couldn't do it without you :) :) :)


Well done you. Soon you won't be thinking in days, you will be thinking in weeks and then months and then penthouses. Hmmm sound like a non smokers version of Monopoly lol. Keep up the good work x


Allo BP,

Thank you for the supportive posts, and I'm so happy to see you "graduate" into the Week 4 class, heheh :D

As a 'junior' (in terms of quit time, not age ! ;) ), I will follow the breadcrumbs you most kindly left on the forest trail for me. :)


Hello Badge . It's so wonderful to see you gliding through your quit, and wow nearly a month, how fantastic is that. Quite incredible the power and strength you are showing in your quit.

Doing so very well indeed :)


THANK YOU Tracey, Edged and Mrs Joy

Such welcome encouragement. Big hugz back as a thank you. I have no idea how this has happened apart from the power of the Forum. Today is/was the wedding anniversary of my friend whose husband died week before last. Have taken a day off to be with her. Plus his side of the family have now turned on her and can't see that they are projecting their otherwise understandable grief and pain onto an innocent human being. It's ugly, horrible, fraught, and I can't wait till the flipping, now fiasco, of a funeral is over next week. Her husband would have been absolutely appalled.

Anyway, sorry to vent but I have no idea how or why I haven't had a puff or a thousand during this stressful time, but I sure is glad I haven't! Not smoking is slowly becoming a joy....get that folks?! :) :)


Badge, how unspeakably awful. :mad:

It never fails to amaze me how badly people can behave following a death. I've seen it happen so many times and whilst I can understand that grief can take people in all sorts of ways there really is no excuse for it. Your poor, poor friend. Thank goodness she has you to look after her.

I shall be thinking of you both today.


Badge, this is such a upsetting time, and so pleased your their tho help your friend,

Many many people just have a inability to understand the destruction they cause.

And when you reach home tonight , shut the door and be proud you helped your friend. have a nice glass of somthing and a relax.

Thinking of you today x



You are living proof of my long held belief that there is so much more to this quitting malarkey than just crossing days off the calendar. Reading your posts it is easy to forget that you have only joined us recently. Despite some testing times, your posts come across as those of a mature quitter whose mind is in exactly the right place to make this a lasting quit - I've no doubt you'll be joining the penthouse quitters in a little over eleven months from now.

Well done, and keep on keeping on;)


Hello my lovelies (thank you Skidders, Trace, Karri, Jennybobs, Eggs 'R' Us, and Mademoiselle Tractor...yes, I am in a VERY silly mood or is that hysteria?!)

Just back from my friend's (back down tomorrow after work) and have caught up on your glorious messages of encouragement. Where would I be without you all???

Stress is off the richter scale with the ever-present temptation chatter of Nicopants


we's knows betters, does we not?!

So stick that in yer pipe, Nicodemon, and smoke it! (Ooops, guess I can't use that phrase anymore!)

Yes, I may feel like lighting up BUT I'm in a new place of realisation, or rather the realisation has gone deeper in me, that it very plainly, and simply WILL NOT MAKE ANYTHING BETTER to do so. End of!

Right, back to chomping on my nicocrap substitute - CHOCOLATE!!




Right, back to chomping on my nicocrap substitute - chocolate!!


chocolate is goooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddd !

Don't know about you but I've been busy substituting triggers with food, cycles, shopping (yep, men shop too, and our toys can be quite expensive :p), and its working for me.

Really proud of you, and also very much encouraged by your success.


Keep it going, eat as much choc as you like only for now thou as it helps, if you still quit and are still scoffing lots of choc a few months on then I'm afraid It's the gym for you lady lol Or I'll send you my cook book, you'll soon lose weight as you'll never eat again :D


Yes, chocolate is BEYOND good :) To misuse a well-known quote: a balanced diet is 3 tons of chocolate in each hand...

MetalMender, hee hee, I think you should have your own TV cookery show though I suspect that it would go under the category of comedy; and

"IF YOU STILL QUIT..." ?????

...You are a TOTAL GENIUS :) Talk about bullseye. Did you realise you've inadvertently given me a fuel-injected incentive to stay quit by unknowingly taunting the Achilles heel of all humans - the ego! Moi? Not stay quit??! Yer own mate! Seriously though, I'm doubly motivated! Give this man a medal (a chocolate one wrapped in gold foil)...

:) :) :) :)


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