Here I come Week nine

Morning all new and old.

I am starting week nine yet again. Please dont be like me this is the Third week nine in 22 months HEHE. I feel ok to be honest I must say this quit is not going to bad Touch wood. off to work again see you all later. Be good now. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Well done Linda,

    This IS the one !!!!!!


    goodmorning and well done also starting week nine today so we are both doing well

    love margaretxxxxxxx

  • Hi Linda

    well done on 9 weeks!!

    a great achievement and you should be proud !!!

    make this the one :)

  • Well done on 9 weeks, both of you! Great going so far, you can keep it up.

    Third time lucky, Linda ;) you can do it!

  • hi linda congrats on 9 weeks,you can do it,, i am just on 10 weeks,,and margareth and you are just be hind me keep the faith tony

  • Thank you all for your supporting words. xxxxxxx

  • Well done Linda (and MargaretH)

    Keep up the good work, you don't want to be doing it 4th time round. You will feel like you're on Groundhog Day!!!

    Best regards


  • Right, Linda!

    This is the last time you will say "I am starting week 9"

    You're into the months now, me girl, onwards and upwards ok?

    You CAN do this!!!!!!!!

    I have been quit for 11 Months, 1 Day, 20 hours, 24 minutes and 33 seconds (336 days). I have saved £1,684.24 by not smoking 6,737 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 9 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/02/2008 22:00

  • Thank you all you to Mojo & marg. look out week nine.xxxx

  • Hey Linda!!!

    what an achievement-week 9, never again!!!!! because

    you can do it!!!!!!!

  • Well done Linda hun, you are an absolute star.

    You must be so proud :)



  • Has some of you know my son is alcohlic. Just before christmas had a bad time and big row with my partner (not is dad) Hes on in court today and just rung and asked me to go with. Wish me luck think this is going to be very hard day. Later xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Linda,

    My thoughts go out to you.

    Hope it goes OK


  • me also linda,,chin up ,,thinking of you

    tony lol

  • Just got home. he wanted me to just drop him off. did ofer to park and stay but he said no and He will ring me later. So I went for a walk around the shops had the car washed and came home. Got work at 3. 30 So hope he phones by then. Thanks anyway. xxxxx

  • ((((Hugs)))) Linda, what a worry for you.

    Stay strong, stay focused. "This too shall pass"


  • Awww bless you Linda hun.

    Just want you to know im thinking of you and hope all works out well for you.

    Take care my love



  • Congratulation lovely Linda, you kept me going in the early days and I hope to see you back where you were before and stronger than ever!

  • Hi Linda

    Hope all is well for you stay strong and hang in there just remember we are going to the penthouse with Tony just think what fun we will have

    love margxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:D

  • Thanks everyone. another bad time over without caving. he had a £200 fine and 12 months suspended. so alls well till next time. HEHE. Im still smoke free Best I can hope for at the min.xxxxxxxxxxxx

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