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Anyone not missing inhaling smoke?

Sounds weird, but in the past (very half-hearted, usually for a day or two) whenever I've stopped smoking I felt I missed the sensation of inhaling smoke.

This time, however, my first proper attempt, I feel no compunction to inhale. In fact, I sort of think 'how could I have done that over a hundred times a day (say around 7 tokes on 25 cigarettes a day) up until 3 months back?'

Anyone else think along those lines - I think it must be key to giving up successfully, the not 'giving up anything' attitude?

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Can't say I've missed inhaling the smoke. In fact that was one of the motivators to continuing the quit. I hated how it tightened up my chest and would often hurt to inhale too deep.

With me it was always the smell of a freshly lit cigarette especially with a match. I know, I know, I'm wierd but that was/is my thing. Don't get me wrong the smell of smoke on a person and ashtray and all that other stuff is repulsive, I'm just referring to the first light up.

So, saying all of that, I can understand where you're coming from and am glad for you that you aren't facing that issue this time. :)

I think you're right about success in that you don't see it as giving something up. Well, I do.

The simple truth is that if you enjoy good health and want it, you must not smoke. Because, ciggarettes require that you give up that health in order to continue smoking.



To be completely honest i know people who smoke and are completely healthy. For example my grandfather who lives in Crete (a Greek island) he smokes 3 ciggaretes a day and he is 94!...But he is the EXCEPTION!...1ST of all he lives at a mountain close to the sea and one single breathe of the sea breeze cleans everything in his lungs, 2nd he only smokes 3 ciggaretes a day and 3rd as i said he is the exception cause he is like the 1%....all the other 99% die young from diseases related to smoking...sad but true!


I have found this quit to be TOTALLY different from all the million of other quits. Think that I got so scared thinking I was having a heart attack that I don't miss ANYTHING about it. And I don't care how much axiety or beer I drink I am NOT smoking another cig. Also, quitting CT and going this long which is 2 1/2 weeks which isn't that long but for me and not cheating or having a patch on is amazing!!!! I don't miss anything about it and I'm so happy. :p


Yes, I still miss the sensation of inhaling smoke. So much so that have considered herbal cigs, but due to all the feedback here, I have tried to survive without them.

I also still love the smell of a burning cig and enjoy second hand smoking :)

Pathetic I know, and I am waiting for all of these things to go away at some point.... until then, gotta just resist temptation... and follow smoking people :eek:


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