No Smoking Day
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not good

my son's (14) admitted havinga few puffs at school with mate. when we discussed it yesterday, his answer was "well look who's talin', hardly setting an example".

kicked in the teeth allright.

I was looking for a sign (even though they have been coming and I ignored them) there it is .

packed up this morning and feeling low.



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Hi Ben :)

Well done for deciding to quit. I had a similar experience with my eldest a few years ago,

I quit as of yesterday. It's tough but you can do it

Are you going to be using anything to help you?


no, but nearly had a quick one now. luckily checked my post and saw yours.


i have been on this forum on day one a few times so have not had many reply today . the regulars on this forum are surely fed up with my antics.

I am just gonna grow some b*******ks and take it on.

good luck with your quit. drop me a line when ever.

all the best



by the way Karen, you are nearly 24 hours in your quit. well done mate.


I'll tel you what, its seriously worth it quitting for your teenage/grown up children.

My parents both smoke so when I started they were angry but couldn't really say anything. Then, 6 months later before they even knew it, there I was sharing a cig with them after dinner over coffee having a nice chat. It became a way for us to bond and after a while I really wasn't ashamed of smoking in front of them anymore.

I know for a fact that if they would have said 'if you quit, I'll quit' I would have AT LEAST given quitting a go before smoking properly took over my life. Maybe I wouldn't have stayed quit, I don't honestly know, but I would have tried and tried again.

Hope this gives you the situation from another perspective.

well done on starting day 1 :) if at first you don't succeed...!


Thanks Ben. I've bee a bit wobbley today, but i've managed to not smoke. How are you doing Ben?


Hi ben.

well done for quitting, thats the same reason i am, kids. although mine are only 9 and 3, but id do anything for them not to smoke when theyre older. its just a shame my other half doesnt think the same as me, he`s just sat right next to me and lit up, and because im only on day 4 of my quit i got really peeeed off, now the house bloomin stinks. ( i didnt realise how bad things stank when i smoked lol). think i might go and hide his baccy while he`s upstairs.

Is today your first day? i forgot to look on your post, im on champix as youve prob read on someone elses posts, ive been writing on everyones posts on here i think lol. good luck for day 2.

Rachel X

ps Karen, how did day one go for you, i hope it wasnt too bad x


nice one guys.....

have managed to talk to the mrs and she will also stop as from today..

I am well happy with that, but watch out for fire at home...

worth it though.


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