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Day 12 - feeling good!


Hey all,

I last tried to quit back in 2009 and failed, I just don't think I was ready to stop smoking. This time is pretty bizarre, I read the Allen Carr book and I swear that man is some kind of head wizard.

I've been stopped for 12 days now and while I can't say the first 3 were particularly pleasant, I have not even had the desire to smoke since then. I remember in previous quits I used to fantasise about having just one cigarette and how it would only ever be that one.

This time, nothing. I'm not bothered by it at all and seem to have really sorted my head out where I actually do not want to smoke ever again (in all previous attempts I never wanted to quit, I just felt I had to). Long may it continue and if you've not read it yet, I recommend the Allen Carr book :)

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Hiya, and welcome, so many people have quit using Alan Carrs method, I have read one of his books but it was a smaller version I need to get my teeth into the main quit smoking book, the easy way to stop smoking.

Wishing you all the best with your quit so glad to hear it's been ok for you :)

Welcome Kjarva,

Sounds like you've really got your head around this quit and that's wonderful- well done you! :)

I know many, many forum regulars swear by Alan Carr. I'm very glad his book seems to have done the trick for you.

Do post often to let us know how it is going and once again, welcome aboard! :)

Well done Kjarva!

I know exactly what you mean, and my quit is going like yours....5 nasty grumpy days, read the book and I'm now at peace with my quit

Sure I get the occasional smoking thought/flashback, but when you really understand why it makes your quit so much easier

Onwards and upwards!


kjarva !

12 days !!! woohoo !!!

keep going strong, it does get better, well..a little....well maybe not so much the sleep...but ....ok ill stop. :P

Hi and a huge congratulations from me doing so very well and of course if our mindset is better then we stand a better chance.

Just keep going doing great :)

Thanks for all your lovely welcomes and encouragement! We're now on day 21!!! Still no fuss, no cravings, nothing…

Allen Carr is a prince among men - I've never, ever, ever had a cold turkey quit like this where I don't even think about smoking. I'm stopped for good this time, I can't explain I just know it :D

I'm stopped for good this time, I can't explain I just know it :D

Kjarva, that's fantastic! :D

It really is a lightbulb moment when it happens isn't it? I know exactly what you mean when you say that.

Many, many congratulations on Day 21. I think it will be Month 21 before you know it. :)

Well I'm sad to report that I had a relapse today… I had the day at work from hell, my boss made me cry and I ran to the shop and bought 10. I smoked 5, felt horribly guilty and awful about it, then threw the other 5 away.

I'm just really hoping that those 5 aren't going to start the whole withdrawal period again. Even if they do, I don't care - I was so happy that I'd stopped for 30 whole days without any problems or major cravings and now I just feel like ****. So I will absolutely not be taking up smoking again, I'm just really disappointed in myself.

Very wise words from TG there kjarva.

Don't beat yourself up. That's effectively what you were doing when you bought the fags (punishing yourself rather than rewarding yourself). I'm sorry you had a pants time at work and sorry you fell off the horse as a result of it but TG is quite right- these things happen and if you have the strength (which I am sure you do :)) you can turn the incident to your advantage by learning from it so you'll be stronger and wiser when similar circumstances arise in future (which they will because life is like that) and move on. It's just a delay of a few short weeks before you reach the Penthouse when all is said & done.

I hope you have a better day today. :)

Today is a better day already, although I can definitely hear my inner junkie whispering - I'd silenced her for almost a month!

So back to constant gum chewing until I shut her up (for good this time). I've chosen to look on yesterday as a blip, I screwed up but I'm not letting it mess with my quit - apart from that 2 hours of madness yesterday, I have been free of cigarettes for over 30 days and I am going to remain free.

I don't care if people look on it as cheating, I still see myself as a non smoker, I became a non smoker just over a month ago and I'll continue to be a non smoker for the rest of my life. I just messed up once :)

Good for you Kjarva!

We live and learn, time to put the blip behind you and move on

Well done kjarva :)

Sounds like you're firmly back in the saddle now (and that nothing is going to shift you out of it again). Good for you.

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