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No Smoking Day
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Wheezing Noise, that's not good!

I've smoked for some odd 30 years. Been very healthy and active over my life.

I LOVE to smoke, but when I laid down to sleep at night lately I hear wheezing sounds come from my lungs. I could cough and clear the obstruction but I'm like.... WTF.

So I quit again, my lungs cleared almost immediately. Still coughing up crap but less and less everyday.

All I have to do is not put a cig to my lips and inhale. So far so goo w/ living w/ a smoker.

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hey we are all travelling the same journey so lets carpool the knowledge and share our triumphs lets vroooooooooooooom to that goal good luck.

never quit quitting




I had that. A wheezing when lying in bed? If so definitely the same thing I had.

Seems to be going now I've been quit a while.

On a similar tip I've just got back from football and I feel as though my lungs have less capacity than when I smoked. It's a pretty decent level of football and I've been struggling the past few weeks. I know it can be a case of getting worse before getting better but i thought after a month it would maybe be clearing up.

Welcome to the forum anyway. I don't think we've met before :)


Ask your doctor for a spirometry test just to cheeckout your lung function. It will give you peace of mind.



I had those noises too mate - horrible. I was staggered at how quickly it stopped after I quit - within less than a week.

Lillie is right , go for spirometry. I did last week and it was OK




Im so glad that you quit before it wasnt allright :)

I was diagnosed with mild to moderate COPD when I had mine. Within 5 weeks of stopping the weed I was down to mild, so it is always best to have it checked out. The constant, and I really do mean constand, chesty cough and wheezy chest has completely gone.

Getting tested and finding things arent 100% isnt always bad news.

Lillie xx


Thanks guy's, pretty sure my capacity is still good. between Ice Hockey, Mt. Bike and Free dive( i can hold my breath for 2+ minutes still) I think my lungs out-battled the damage. knew it was time to quit though when i started hearing weird sounds. i'm an almost unemployed contractor w/o any ins., too.


This is why I dont understand the uproar in America over trying to set up a healthcare system similar to ours here in the UK. We may have to wait but we get the treatment we need whether we are rich or poor.

I read about a man in the US who had cancer and lost his job, he got another one straight away but he didnt have full medical insurance so he couldnt get the help he needed. He was made redundant again and got the treatment. What is right about that.

Come over here for a holiday, get your treatment and go back, you wont be doing anything different to the millions of others who do it.

Lillie xx



Is it worthwhile mentioning to the nurse when i go for more champix?

Like i said it's nowhere as bad now, but still get it sometimes. What is the danger?


I was coughing a lot and my chest was very wheezy, I mentioned it to the doctor and he sent me for chest x rays and then a spirometry test, it turned out I had COPD. It may be nothing but millions of people are undiagnosed with this illness until its too late.

I would advise anyone who has concerns to talk to their doctor, catch it early and you can halt the progress. Giving up smoking is the best and most helpful thing you can do but there are other things like your diet, cutting down on salt, regular excercise.

Talk to your doctor it wont hurt, he may say you dont need any tests but unless you ask you wont know.


PS, Im sorry but I dont ask the nurses much as they dont have the same knowledge as a doctor and always say ask the doctor anyway.


Tropical, if you call your GP practice they will most likely have a nurse that administers the test or, if they are a smaller practice they will refer you to a practice that does.

The nurse does all the tests, takes about half an hour. They then explain the results and offer an appt to come back and discuss with Dr



Thanks guys, may raise it with them tomorrow


Hey Karri the USA's healthcare system is much worse than the UK's...apparently the "gold standard" is the french. Which utilises a combo of public healthcare which is "topped up" by private healthcare insurance. Also.....the UK has one of the best healthcare systems for the amount of money we pay for it. People only miss something that is precious when it is gone. The NHS may not be the best in treating some diseases but it's a darn sight better than some others including the USA.

The WHO's assessment and publication of the world's healthcare systems shows this quite clearly (http://www.photius.com/rankings/who_world_health_ranks.html). I do recognise this was published in 2000 and is a bit dated but I think many health professionals still quote this data.

I also worry about America's healthcare system where they are willing to chop peoples legs off because it is simply cheaper than administering drugs to treat the leg. Unfortunately, the climate is changing for the NHS anyway so we will probably get a USA style system where the poor will only get very basic treatment and the rest will pay over the odds for treatment by way of insurance (looks like there will be more of us going around on one leg).

Sorry, I didn't mean to come across as arsey but I looked into all this when the government first proposed handing the checkbook for the NHS over to the G.P.'s. Worrying times indeed. XXXXXX


Don't be daft Karri...you wouldn't offend me, you'd just have a different opinion to me :)

I don't herald the NHS as being this brilliant healthcare system, there is too much beauracracy and too many overpaid managers! The NHS is also starting to get outdated with all the new technologies and drugs available (at eye watering costs) and needs a bloody good review. I just think that throwing more money at it like the USA has done isn't probably the best way of doing it (and leaves the poor in our society at risk). Unfortunately when there's private companies chomping at the bits in the sidelines and a tory government in control then I don't think an unbiased review of the system will happen :(

What am I saying....if any government is in control there will not be an unbiased review made. <shrugs shoulders> there must be an answer out there somewhere LOL!


I just think that its unfair that someone who lives in the US cant afford to go to their doctor because they dont have enough health insurance. But anyway the origan post was about wheezing and Im sorry if my thoughts took it off topic.

lillie x


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