No Smoking Day
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JJ69 too!!!

Missed my 1 year anniversary here as I was in Cadiz...and almost forgot about it!!

Never would have believed in a million years I'd ever get this far :eek:

Starting to sort the weight out now but have a problem with my flucking heels now which is left over from the thyroid problem. Achillies tendons kill me when I walk alot of the time and the heels are soooo tender. At least all these problems have probably helped me stop thinking about the fags :D

I actually believe I've cracked it for good now!

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Well done JJ69 so pleased that you are now 12 months smoke free and didnt even remember to post, thats a good sign surely as it tells me you are a non smoker all through.

Maybe next year you will remember LOL keep strong x


Hello my lovely

This feels like a school reunion (god I hated my proper one!!). I am proud of both you and your ankles.:D

Thank you for the laughs and well done you. xx


JJ.....congratulations hun and thank goodness you are here it has been hell keeping Christine away from your share of the wine.

Seriously, you have had quite a year and your humour has been applaudable. You are a star...


PS....can I still have the Irish house :)


Big Well Done JJ69 you have reached that magic day. I hope you enjoyed your day and did something nice for you.



JJ - you are funny.

WELL DONE to you on your anniverasry.

Take care hun

Tinks xx :)


Brilliant! Congratulations on a year quit! Hope the heels get sorted soon.


well done....congratulations



Thought you might have been away, living it large carrying his bags somewhere hot and exotic ;)

Hope all things still enlarged, swollen, painful, annoying or just bloody unwanted clear off soon. Enough is enough and you've had more than your fair share.

Congrats on your first year and keep cracking it :cool:

Pol xx

PS..... I'll have the the Norwegian ..... please ;) Takk


JJ - nice to have you with us in the newly refurbished Penthouse! Your room has an extra foot spa especially for all the achy swelling bits! :p

Congrats on reaching a year! :D:D:D


Well done JJ so pleased to see you post and great news on your one year quit, hope the feet improve soon.

Dee x:)


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