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No Smoking Day
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my 2nd day too

Cannot believe how difficult it is!!

Went to bed and burst into tears

Woke up this morning and within 1 hour was in tears again, grumpy,depressed,want to light up all of the time at the moment. I wouldn't mind but I hadn't planned to stop - there i was walking the dog yesterday afternoon and wham - I decided. I cant go back now, I am not prepared to go through this ordeal again.

Stopped when I was younger for 3 years, so I know I can do it.

I liked to smoke - stopping because there are things I want to do with my life and I need to be alive to do them.

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Hi Rainbow

Welcome to the party.

You say you have quit before so you know you can do it, that's music to our ears :)

You CAN do it.

Maybe you just forgot how difficult it can feel at the beginning.....but you'll be through this in a day or two then flying high. :)

Wish you all the strength in the world for your quit

Keep us informed

Take care



Hi there Rainbow (absolutely adore your login)

I quit very nearly 3 months ago, prior to that I stopped 18 years ago.

The difference in the physical feelings between the two were unbelievable.

I'm very lucky in as much as I still work with the same people and they all couldn't believe how bad I got. They looked after me though bless them and I got through.

It can be sooooo hard in those first few days but you have to just grit your teeth and know that what you're doing is amazing and that you CAN do this

After all I did, and believe me, as lucky as I was, if I can, you can too.

So, Rainbow, you going to meet us all in the penthouse?

I hope so because I know you can, get past these first couple of weeks and you will not look back, trust me.

Molly x


hi Rainbow, and welcome.

Well done on deciding to quit, and for getting to day 2. Try not to think too far ahead. Concentrate on not smoking for today, or the next hour, or the next 5 minutes, depending on how bad it is.

You can do it, and it does and will get easier.


Thankyou all of you - this time of day seems to be the worst because - oh my goodness lol now I cant concentrate, cant work out why it is the hardest time - I think it is because there is no one in the house. It seems to be easier, if that is possible, when my daughter is here - its definitely psychological. Just think that when she is here I see to her needs first and that takes the focus of what I need (which is of course a fag).

Wish I could stop ****ysing everything lol

Biggin - yes I will try that

Molly by god I'll meet you in the penthouse, no idea where it is though

Nifty - Can you believe this, the reason why I gave up for three years when I was younger was because I had just split up from someone, he didnt mind my smoking at all. I was just angry at him and it was to show myself that I dont need any type of support. Crazy!!

But what is even more crazy is that I started smoking because I was seeing a counsellor and he thought it was silly of me to stop smoking because it was my only means of support - so I started smoking again so I could have something to lean on!! I can be so silly at times - it was my choice, cant blame anyone else.


The **** in my last post are not appropriate lol wasnt a rude word at all.

Just to let you know

oh I want a fag !!

I can do this


Hi there rainbowpot,

Hang in there. If this is the worst time of day for you and you are alone then coming on here is an excellent idea!

Why don't you read some old posts? Some are really inspirational.

DGee did a thread, who inspired you which will point you towards some amazing reading and will pass time and keep you busy to boot!

Hope it passes quickly for you love

Molly x


Oh thankyou Molly - its just what the doctor ordered - am going to find something really interesting to read on the web. Its not my hands that need occupying its my head.


hang in there baby!

Hiya Rainbow


It can be harder without the reminder (and nagging) of the kids, but look for 5 star rated posts on here some are wonderful, or post post post!

We've all been there, and we are all here for you rooting for you accros the globe and the net,

deep breaths got me through and odd as it is SMILING ive convinced myself (I think) that im winning so i smile which makes me stronger, its silly but its working so far!

stay tough you got this!

chin up shoulders back deep breath and smile, we're winning this one



Sassy Mama

Thankyou, thankyou , thankyou - does it get any easier?? It must do - please say it does.:(


rainbow pot . you are just gold. Course it gets easier. I would say that you need to change the messages that you are sending to yourself. I WANT A FAG is a fairly persistent noise to have in your head. Why do you want one, what do they do for you , what will be different about you as a non smoker? It is entirely up to you, if you enjoy smoking and want to go on with it, you can. But there must be another side to this, or you would not have taken that 1st step. Can I remind you that smoking is not a benign little quirk, like wearing odd socks, it causes any amount of killer diseases for you and for your daughter, even if she is only exposed to 3rd hand smoke. The normal cost for the average smoker is over £40.00 per week; smoking stinks to high heaven and therefore you stink and so do your clothes; smoking ruins your teeth skin hair and nails and make people look way older than their age and seedy;smoking is an addiction and like all addicts , smokers will always prioritise their need to smoke over any other areas of their life. Maybe this does not describe you and your smoking profile, but it is a need that grows, and you can get to rock bottom if you want to go and buy some more. Work out what the positive is that smoking gives you. Some people find it soothes, like a dummy, or that it aids concentration, some smokers are using the smoke to hide from the woorld, or from harsh facts about their lives. Whatever need it fulfills, try and figure out how to acheive it without smoking, and remember that there was a time before you smoked when you did not n eed thenm, and you can get back to that. Whenever you hear "I want a fag", change the message. Some alternatives are; I want a new bra. I want to be free. I want that extra money I have been wasting. I want my daughter to feel safe and not worry about me. I want to see my daughters children. I am beautiful. I love myself. I do not need to be needy. The best ones will be of your own devising, but please dont think of stopping as a deprivation. It is a liberation, without the fags your life will be in full HD and glorious technicolour.

Sandra xxx


You're doing GREAT rainbow :cool:

Mrsm your last post is my favourite post ever. That's all :)


hey rainbowpot

love your name by the way

you sound alot like me in the early days of my quit and yes yes yes it does get easier stick with us we will look after you

stay strong




You have no idea what you said, you are a treasure beyond words, you said "we will look after you" I am in floods of tears. I began smoking at the tender age of 11yrs because as a child I had no one to look after me, it was something to lean on - a prop.

Theres a reason for everything.

You have just confirmed that I need to start to look after myself, perhaps by stopping smoking I am begining this process.

All it takes sometimes is a few words.

I am so pleased I came upon this site, you are all so caring.

mrsm - thankyou so much for your advice, when I calm down I will look at it properly and calyx thankyou and blessings to you all.


hey rainbow

i didnt mean to make u cry but they are good tears yeah???

this forum has got me where i am today everyone is kind, understanding and always there for you, i to am so glad i found this place

stopping will definately give you a much better quality of life with in three weeks of my quit my cough disappeared, i just felt clean inside and out, i could do more physically and eventually i felt healthy mentally wise and above all it gives you your freedom back

you can do this




This is my bad time of the day.

I do feel cleaner and free to just sit in Tescos and have a cup of tea and not be pestered by thoughts of I want to leave to have a smoke.

Cant face the housework, my staying power when I do try to tidy up is zero - never liked it anyway.

It is getting a bit easier.

One thing I have noticed is that I am not grinding my teeth now - Dont know how I started to do this - but it seems to have almost gone - how strange.

Well will get my evening meal now. Curries are out now - they are too spicey for me now - its all so odd.

Thankyou for being there


Hey Rainbowpot hope you're still with it!! Nice supportive thread this, shows how the forum can work. It did the same for me Rainbow, just over six months now and no-one was as heavy a smoker as me so my family and friends keep telling me :)


Housework will keep

Hi rainbowpot

Yes, I was the same in the early days of my quit - concentrating was difficult, and the housework was drudgery without a cigarette as a reward:(

I preferred to sit in meditation with deep breaths. Don't worry about the housework - it will keep and be there when you're ready. Concentrate on stopping smoking - you've done well so far, and it only gets better.:)


Hello rainbow and welcome to the forum. Your thoughts are completely understandable but mrsm gives some great advice.

I'm so glad you found this forum as not only is it amazing with the tips and advice but the support from the forum members is invaluable and it gets us through the tough times. That said, it WILL and DOES get easier, thoughts of smoking for me are now just fleeting.

Stay strong

Karen x


just written a really good reply and have deleted it by accident - day 6 just started - still want to light up but now its constant.


just written a really good reply and have deleted it by accident - day 6 just started - still want to light up but now its constant.

It will get better Rainbow!

Had several days just like that, it was nagging on all the time *but* it does get better as the time passes :)

Try chewing gum and have you got something like a Tangle you can play with? It sounds silly but it does help distract you. Going on a long walk (not near anywhere you can buy fags lol) *really* helped me - it gave me a sort of high much better than any fag ever did!! Loud music is good too.

Stay strong :)

Gemma x


It passes Rainbow, you have to grit your teeth through it and push on. You're doing really well. It honestly does pass, it just doesn't feel like it at the time :)


I just didnt expect it to get worse - I cant replace it with anything. Tried chocolate and food - the nearest thing is a cup of tea. It really is constant and strong, think my body is now realising I wont be smoking again and its having one hell of a tantrum.

Bought loads of interesting audiobooks and am making jewellry out of my old jewellry, if that makes any sense.


I just didnt expect it to get worse - I cant replace it with anything. Tried chocolate and food - the nearest thing is a cup of tea. It really is constant and strong, think my body is now realising I wont be smoking again and its having one hell of a tantrum.

Bought loads of interesting audiobooks and am making jewellry out of my old jewellry, if that makes any sense.

It gets worse then it gets loads better, then you realise you haven't wanted a smoke all day!

You're doing great, and you will do it!

You're right about the tantrum, I've seen people on here say it's like a stroppy teenager or a monster and that's what it feels like - they also say the longer you starve it the weaker it gets, and they're right :)

I hope you're feeling better soon!!


Hello Rainbow. It will get better. Just think you are a week in now and I bet you never thought you'd be saying that. Bloody marvelous and good for you:)

Mrsm has said everything I would say to you in her first post on this thread, especially regarding the smell thing. I was with smokers the other night and boy as soon as I walked into the house I could have heaved. It really does stink. You know, as we all know, there is not one positive thing any of us can say in favour of having a cig.

You are doing great so keep it up . It's a big ask at the moment, but believe me it will get easier.



As everyone else has said, Mrs M's post is spot on, great post. My only advice is not to look too far ahead, just take baby steps, I promise you things will get easier.

Fi x


Lots of very deep breaths. It really does work


Well its the morning after now - yesterday was absolutely horrendous - today the craving isnt so bad. Yes the stroppy teenager thing is right, all my body wanted to do yesterday was stamp my feet and have a tantrum.

Your words of support and encouragement mean so much to me, when I get clearer I too will be able to help and support others as you do.

Today I am decorating and listening to one of my interesting audiobooks to take my mind off it.

Thankyou isnt enough you know


You are a marvel. not everyone finds it so hard, but you are strong, although it sounds weird, you probably thought about cigarettes just as much when you were smoking, all the ones you want when there are kids about, or at work, all the planning to fit one in, the terror of knowing you dont have enough, wanting another but trying to leave a decent gap, the embarrassment when with people who dont get it and cannot understand why anyone would, the tooth brushing and perfume squirts, the air freshener, showers every day, trying to get rid of the family so you can smoke in peace, rushing through meals to get to the reward. Maybe it was just me, but I think about smoking a lot less now, and my smoking thoughts were negative, but my not smoking thoughts are positive, apart of course from "I want a fag and I want it NOW!", but as I said, most times when I thought that I couldnt immediately act on it, or only by revealing the extent of my addiction. It is a rat trap, and it feels good to have wriggled out.

2 calendar months tomorrow and a change of room. So excited.



You are amazing to have done 2 months, thankyou for what you said, its true I used to think all of those things when I smoked and now I think different things apart from "I want a cigarette" which I think regularly of course.

Hope you can understand that - still not good at concentration. Problem is I smoked when I did lots of things and breaking that habit is difficult as you know.

Anyway, I am pleased I have gone cold turkey. I dont blame anyone at all for using patches, ecigs etc but for me cold turkey is the only way.

Was talking to someone in a shop yesterday who told me that it is the chemicals in cigarettes that we get addicted to not the nicotine - I thought it was the nicotine.

Now we can say we stopped smoking last year


I, too grieved yesterday ( my day 1 ) mourning the fact I wasn't going to have another cigarette again. All I could do is let it pass.

Hang in there, this is an amazing support network!


Oh Rainbow that is brilliant. "I stopped smoking last year " sounds amazing:):p


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