Me Too!

As of 29 December 2009, I'm one year off.

Not that I've contributed much or at all to the forum, but as an early day lurker I did find it very useful. It is the first time I have used a forum as an aid to quitting and the only time I successfully quit (obviously). I'm sure it is not entirely a coincidence.

So thank you all very much. I may not have replied to many of your words of wisdom, or trials, or tribulations, or successes but reading every now and then did help me keep focused and I am grateful.

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  • Well done, great achievement, you deserve to be recognised for all your hard work.


  • Congratualtions. Really well done.

  • Hi Melandez.

    I was wondering where you had got to, A big well done.


  • Well done, a great achievement and so quietly done too :)

    Congrats to you :cool:

    To continued smokefreedom

  • congrats!

    way to make it to a year! Welcome to the penthouse!


  • Excellent Melendez, it's a great achievement but if your like me, the fight goes on, much much easier now though and I think we know we've succesfully quit but I know I'll always have the odd bit of temptation lurking:cool:

  • congrats to you and very well done!!!:)

  • Hi Melendez.

    Well done and Congratutions. You have done well.:)


  • CONGRATULATIONS, Melendez. 1 year is fantastic! Jody

  • Congratulations, Melendez! Well done making it to the penthouse!


    It's good here isn't in this penthouse!

  • Hearty congratulations and welcome to the Penthouse :D

  • Thank you all again for your replies.

  • Welcome to the penthouse, congratulations!

  • Congratulations

    Well done :)



  • Congrats from me too:D:D

  • Congratulations from me too! Missed this one .:mad:

  • I just checked out this forum again to find out how long ago it's been since I smoked. I can't believe it's only 5 years ago, it seems a lifetime away. I can't say I ever give smoking a second thought anymore and haven't done in years, hardly at all after the first few months. Best of luck to this years new crop of giver-uppers.

  • Well done :D

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