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Hubby's stopped too!! Yippee!!

Into day 4 now and am absolutely thrilled that my husband has decided to stop smoking too. I know it shouldn't make much difference to me, but I am thrilled. So my day 4 has started on a high :D

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Fantastic news, is he going to register here as well?

and really glad your day 4 has started so well, before you know it you'll have done a week.


Hi Lozza :D

That's great news about your hubby well done to him and you on your day 4 keep it going


Marg xx


My wife has decided to quit with me too - have to find a sure fire way to distract ourselves together from the withdrawals - got a few ideas :)


Well a few come to mind Mr V!:p Got to keep it a family show though.

He won't register on here cos he 'doesnt do that sort of thing' and doesn't want to discuss it with anyone else. He asks me different things and then dismisses them as nonsense, but I really admire him for doing it. Who knows, he might change his mind as time goes on?


Great to hear about these other half's stopping too, just think that smell will be gone.



Great news - you can spur each other on


thats one less temptation out of the way and you hopefully can support each other too.

nice :)


Just told the wife, if we both manage to stay off the fags until end of March we are using the savings to go to a michelin star restaurant in Notts!! Good incentive! :)


That's fantastic. We're going to save towards a snorkeling/diving holiday with the kids, Mexico maybe (think we may have overestimated how much we smoke and drank). It's good to set a goal though, quite exciting.

Remember though, one day at a time, looking too far ahead can be a bit scary. Read lot's, as someone has already mentioned, the successful quitters seem to have the knowledge, but we can all learn! Count the money up in that piggy bank and it'll soon mount up. Good luck :).


well done to you both. Hubby and I have stopped and it does help not having the temptation but be warned.....we have had some very interesting exchanges of views.

my OH wont register on here either but did make a very cheeky post once when I left myself logged in....beware.

best of luck xx

Found the link to the thread....was very funny at the time


Lozza and Mr V when your OH desides to stop with you it means they are totally supporting you.

Good luck and great willpower to all four of you.



Cheers all, LornaJ, great post by OH, not worried too much about mine, he's a bit of a technophobe, by the time he'd made his way around the site, I think the computer would go into standby!

Getting lot's of snow again, (had a brief bit of fresh air, and yes, it's a bit nippy). But at least I don't HAVE to go out. Snowmen and sledging in the morning I guess. Anyone else got more snow?


Isn't it funny I live in Scotland just at the beginning of the highlands and today temp has been just above freezing but it has been raining on and off all day.

Just want to see this snow gone we had over a foot and it would not go away.

I have had to park my car down at the farm and walk half a mile back and forth to the house. Tonight I don't know how I did it but I got my car home. Must be the snow melting I hope so I have 3 pupils who should be taking their test tomorrow.

If you find yourself getting emotional again why not go out and cuddle the snow?:D:D

Jack xx


In South Wales we very rarely get more than a few centimeters of snow, that normally lasts 24 hours. This year we've had 5 inches, lasting more than a week, with more falling tonight. I think me and kids wished too hard!

Hope your weather keeps improving Jack, and good luck to your students.


I setup a separate bank account with my smokes's shocking! My little "give up gadget" thingy tells me I've saved £65 odd's different when you have £65 odd squid sat in a savings account!

Well done to your hubby though!


How quick those squids start piling up, save it up and treat yourself Stav, do something really good at the end of the month.

Enjoy :)


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