It's finally here - 1 Year

I'm so excited a few hours early but tonight at 11.30pm iv been a non smoker for 1 year!!!!!

So proud of myself, also lost 1st 2lbs in last four weeks doing Slimming World properly so only 5.5lbs left to loose and back to my weight I was when I stopped. It's been hard emotionally for me, and coming off the patches after six months ish I gained all my weight. But it's done now and today I have my Chanel £79 perfume on :)

Patches were my life saver and my nurse was cool to keep me on as long, totally worked for me the way I did it.

Good luck to everyone and keep at it, today I didn't ever see me making it lol:)

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  • Well done angela!

    What a fab milestone and an inspiration to us all

  • Congrats and welcome to the penthouse.

  • Am adding my massive congratulations, the bunting will be out and party's getting ready.🎀🎀🎀🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

    So so pleased for you

    Enjoy your freedom

  • A very big well done to you :D giving up smoking and losing the weight and all in one year, you should be very proud of yourself :D

  • Another success story, nice to see it! Welcome to the Last Room Angela :)

  • Very well done Angela :)

  • Well done Angela!!! I am so happy for you.


    Congratulations Angela, how wonderful that you've scaled two mountains - you should be so proud

  • Fantastic Angela! Two gold medals are being hung around you neck even as we speak. :D

    HUGE congratulations from me on your arrival at Planet Penthouse. You can take your ease now in the sure and certain knowledge that you have well & truly deserved your laurels. :)

  • Huge Congrats and welcome to the penthouse :D

  • Congratulations Angela you must feel so proud :) 6 months on the patches sounds like a good plan what mg were you on? X

  • Thanks everyone I was a day early ha, 19th not 18th lol! But it's a year all the same. It still feels so unreal to be honest I'm so proud of myself.

    Donna I started on 15mg I think and went down to the lowest then I still cut them in half and used a plaster to keep them on lol. Every GP nurse service us different and I'm lucky my nurse said it was better to work individual rather than just the guidelines.

    Jennings I bet your excited, not long for you now too :)

    Max thanks to you Kat and many others who in my early days made a massive difference to me.

    I'll still keep checking in, its nice to see how people are getting on :)

  • Well done Angela that's amazing, celebrations for you now then :)

  • Thats awesome and super well done on the weight loss too :) You enjoy your moment, you deserve it xxx Cant wait to join you xxx

  • Great stuff! Massive achievement, well done Angela and welcome to the penthouse. Great view from up here isn't it?? :D

  • Great news Angela. It's a fantastic feeling isn't it.

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