No Smoking Day
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Day 1 on the Forum Day 14 of freedom

For everyone on day one.

Time passes so quickly. Just stay strong and most of all look into what you are doing. Educating ourselves to the reality of NICOTINE ADDICTION is the only way to truly face up to the fact that what we have been doing has done nothing but make our lives worse. I know everyone says take one day at a time but I disagree. I look up to a future of being free from smoking, projecting to the weeks, years of a better life, that is what keeps me positive. That's what puts a smile on my face every morning.

The realisation that I don't have to do it anymore has struck.

Time really is on our side. We just have to stop and time takes care of the rest. I have children of 5 years and 2 years and last night I had new found energy and we ran around the garden until 8pm. I would usually have them in bed by 6.30 with a DVD so I could get back on the doorstep, by myself feeling miserable that I hadn't quit, smoking as many cigarettes before bedtime.

It's a Drug. A bad drug. And I can't believe I have done it for so long.

Good Luck everyone... Don't let it beat you... It's your life!;)

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Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching... I think it's more that I am airing my realisations...Part of the therapy :)


Things that helped me

Same price as a pack of 20. It's the magic button we are all looking for. Worth a read as you don't even have to quit smking while reading if you so wish. Nothing to loose on this one


this is also great and cheaper than a pack of 20

I use 'Success', (not what you might think, makes you content with your own success not trying to make you into a billionaire) & 'Quit Smoking'

Whether they work or not they get me off to sleep in minutes and I have deep sleep.

All worth a try. These are cheaper if you have an iphone and download the app


nice to meet you:) and really helpful posts and reads.

I am still avid for opinions and inspirational stuff to keep reinforcing the new smoke free thank you.

this forum is the best support ever -for info, sharing our thoughts and worries.

rant , congratulate - laugh, cry :)

so keep us posted. isnt it amazing when that lightbulb pops on in your head ?

we are addicts -but we are so not alone -and those ahead walk and pull us along xxxx

you are doing brilliant .


thanks skylark!!!


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