2 years and 1 day - and is the Forum hidden?

Hello everyone - hope you're all well.

Well its 2 years and a day - no blip - no puff - no sneaky one behind the bike sheds. I love that "and a day" because it means to me that I'm not governed or controlled or defined by it like I once was. I am now smoke free and I've got to say - LOVING IT!!!!

It wasn't easy - it was the hardest thing I've ever done - but the struggle was worth it. The last year has been a breeze.

I see some contemporaries on here have succeeded - and some that are having a bit of a blip. To those that are there - well done! You deserve it!

To those with a blip - you'll get there. You KNOW what to do - you've done it before and you will do it again. Be strong.

To any newbies reading - I smoked so much I should have had a chimney up my arse. If I can do it - you can!

Be smokeless!


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  • Oh and meant to say - is this forum hard to find on the main page or is it me?

    This was the only form of support I had when giving up - I would hate for it to be lost to others.

  • Wow, well done you, hope you had a great day and spent loads of money on yourself.


  • Bloody brilliant AG, methinks it's worth a pat on the back and a count your blessings time. Well done mate. David

  • :DWell done Atomicguy.......good on you.....you certainly have reason to be very proud:D

  • Well done and congrats

    Ding ding year 3. Did you believe during day 1,week 1 or month 1?

    Normally just type in no smoking day forum and it brings it up the forum AG.


  • That's BILLIANT! Congratulations.

  • Very pleased to read your going as strong now as ever.. keep going quit buddy!!!

    Year 3 now, who woulda believed way back then? but its reality now so enjoy this :)

  • :DWell done Atomicguy.......good on you.....you certainly have reason to be very proud:DAgree 100%http://www.imgquick.com/images/43.gif

  • AG

    Fab to read your post, doing my monthly look in to check on everyone.

    Well done you thats so great, just behind you.


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