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Quitting again today!

Hi All,

I wanted to join this forum for a little extra support from fellow quitters!

My story is that I smoked for 14 years since I was 16 years old. Mostly rolling tobacco over that time (cheaper!). I had a few attempts at quitting throughout that time but none lasted longer than a few weeks. I had tried NRT but nothing worked until the ultimate incentive arrived in the shape of my daughter.

When she was born my life changed forever. I remember very clearly the day I decided to quit. My daughter was just one month old. We were sitting at some traffic lights and I had a fag on with the window open. A gust of wind took some smoke back in to the car and I remember very vividly looking in my rear view mirror and seeing the smoke circulate around her in the back of the car and I just thought, you know what, that is it, i'm quitting! Totally cold turkey, no patches, no gum, no inhaler.

Since that day, I'd given up for 3 and a half years until a couple of months ago, for some unknown reason I let myself down and after a few drinks one night with the boys I bought a pouch of tobacco. I didn't throw it away the next morning and that was that.

I thought it'd be easy to get straight back off it again but it wasn't. I haven't paid it the respect it deserved and now i'm back at square one again but determined to quit again now. Today is my first day of trying again properly.

One bonus is that as i've only been back on it a couple of months a lot of the routine habits haven't reformed yet i.e. smoking every time I get in the car or every time I have a drink but it will still be a battle to get over the nicotine addiction and the routine habits I have reformed.

I've prepared the best I can, I have a star chart for each day I don't smoke and a list of things I hate about it as a reminder.

Here's hoping!


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Mornin Craig,

Just wishing you good luck really, dont think you need advice as you've done it 3.5 years...........but support you will get loads on here and it makes you realise you are not alone!

So impressed that you are quitting again that shows real strength of character...........

Stay strong and good luck,

Shelly :D


Hi Craig, sorry that you have slipped after 3 and a 1/2 years, but I am so glad you have chosen to quit again, I hope that as you still have the main reason you originally quit which is now a toddler, you are not going to find it too hard to stay focused again, it makes us all realise that just because we have managed X amount of time we can still be tempted back again, a day never goes by that I am not scared that I could smoke again and I just keep telling myself that I don’t and want smoke, I hope.

This site will give you support and I hope help you to get back to being a none smoker, you will also be able to give a lot of advice to us as you have a good data base of knowledge after the long quit you have had, help to keep us none smokers as well.


Hi Craig

Share your technique with us newly quits :) 3.5 years quit is very respectable! The slip is regrettable but you be back on track in no time by the sounds of it. You sound like you mean it and that's all you need. To be honest you want to quit.

Maybe it's a coinkeedink but check the Terrible Threes (another member pointed me to this link a while ago) in my signature links ;)

Welcome to the quitters club, again.



Hi Craig and welcome to the forum, good to have you around.

You seem to be ready for the road ahead and hopefully this time it will be easier because you know all the tricks that the nicotine monster has and you mastered them for a very long time. You will find lots of great advice and help around here, I would advice reading the links and posting often.

Good luck, stay strong you know it is worth it.


Well done craig, good on ya for giving it anothet go. 3 years is good. Ive not managed more than 4 monyhs yet. 8 th attempt i think! Realised i had to stop when my little boy looked at me funny when he caught me smoking(normally didnt smoke near him). He,s nearly 3 and doesn,t need me smoking around him. I get annoyed when other people smoke near him let alone me!

Also chest hurts in the morning


Well, Day Two and I can safely say today is much harder than yesterday. Yesterday I had the odd wave of cravings that came and went but today it just seems to be one non-stop craving since about 9am this morning!! It's not a really intense one that comes and goes but more a steady nagging.

Still, trying to get my mind off it. Got my yo-yo, chewing gum and enjoyed the taste of my baked Gnocci lunch much more than usual.


glad you have joined us Craig:)

keep going -and with the knowledge that you have kicked nicotines butt before -and have us here to offload to ??

you will do it -and help us too .



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