Trying to quit again!

Hi I'm Tony and a smoker! I have quit smoking b4 but always gone back to it...up to 4 years during 1990's and a couple of other times for over 1 year...I will be reaching 62years old this year and want to quit forever..aiming for the 11 March as my quit day..cutting them down today and Tuesday in readiness...hoping for success this time and that my grumpiness will ease quickly ! any support would be great! Thanks

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  • Hi Tony, welcome to the forum :)

    You've been through it several times so I guess you know what's coming, but you'll find plenty of support on here :)

    We've already got a batch of fairly new quitters so you're in good company and your own past experiences will be of great help to them to.

    May I ask why/how you relapsed, especially the 4 year quit? If you'd rather not say I understand :)

    So, what's your poison so to speak, cold turkey, patches, Champix, something else?

    Pull up a chair, I think you'll feel right at home here :)

  • Welcome, Tony, this will be the one, honestly do anything you can to try and curb the crave, I come on here, I've had such great support, I would feel I was letting everyone else down as well as myself if I started again x

  • I think all my relapses were during social occasions ,celebrations or just drinks with friends..I thought I was safe and could just smoke 1.....very bad idea.. b4 i knew it was back to smoking packet a day again! Ive found cold turkey the best way to stop...have tried patches too....but if you want to be nicotine takes too long for me.....The first year is the worst I think....everyone thinks you have cracked it....but its such a strong drug...and people stop saying well done after awhile.

  • Welcome Tony, so true! I have no doubt you can do it, because you've done it before!

    Let's make the last One! Good luck!

  • Good evening Tony :)

    I'm really new here, but I can definitely say that the support available on this forum is really, really fab, and it's boosted my conviction that I can do this thing! Wishing you all the best for this to be your final quit!

  • Hey Tony, with a 4 year quit behind you, you know what's involved.....this forum is the best aid you'll get this time round, stick with it and it'll help with the moods at the very did me anyway ;)

  • Alcohol and the "just 1 won't hurt" syndrome, deadly on their own but absolutely lethal together.

    Cigarettes never hunt alone, they always come in packs (of 10 or 20 and lots of them)

    I'm not saying this to you Tony, you know, but all the new quitters should take note that NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) really is a great strategy, no matter how long you've been quit.

    Not to worry Tony, what's done is done, this time is your forever quit and along the way you'll be a great help to others :)

    Let the quitting commence! :)

  • No matter how many times you stop..each time is like your first try i think....but hoping to stop for good this time with help from here and the will power that we all know is the crucial element to success....thanks everyone!!!! ...I'm looking forward to Wednesday and being able to say on here ..I have stopped!!!!!!

  • Welcome Tony. I'm four days in only, and the support on the forums is so beneficial:cool:. All the best for tomorrow.

  • Hi Tony, all the best tomorrow from a fellow cold turkey-er x

  • Good luck Tony , CT is brutal but satisfying...I am a sadist though :-)

  • Well I have had 2 cigs today so far and the last one made my chest almost burst with palpitations......might have to bring my quit day forward to Today instead of tomorrows No Smoking Day...will try hard not to have anymore today and the pack will go on the fire last thing b4 bed tonight.Its all so hard but I really want to do this!

  • Yes it isn't easy, but very possible x

  • The best time to quit is when you're ready Tony and you seem ready :)

    I look forward to your first post in Day 1 :)

  • Hi everyone, I'm new here, was a smoker for over 40 years and following a Heart Attack in August 2012 have not had one since

  • Hi Les, you have been off the fags for 2 1/2 years? that is fantastic, you've come at he right time, hopefully there will be some new folk giving up tomorrow who will need lots of support and encouragement. why don't you start a new post so we don't miss you? welcome x

  • Tony I think what's been missing in previous quits for you was this place ;) the support is second to none, I honestly don't think I would keep trying if it wasn't for the forum, you are so welcome and I can guarantee you will swap your nicotine addiction and become addicted to this :) good luck for tomorrow x

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