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Week 6

Hi everyone,

I have not been on in a while - i must come on more :D

Well now on week 6 of no smoking, . I came off the champix last week because of the extreme tiredness i have had over the last 3 weeks, i just couldnt cope with it.

My mouth is covered in ulcers, got about 5 at any one time, really painful, anyone else had this? know how long it will last?

Hope everyone is doing well and good luck to everyone!x :)

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Hi Laura, sorry love I know nothing about champix but you will get lots of support and info on here regarding it, I know that lots of people have problems with there gums when they stop and Im sure I have read somewhere about mouth ulcers, have you tried the chemist to get some thing to treat them with, 6 weeks is a good quit and Im sure you will start to feel better very soon.

Make sure you get plenty of fluids and there is alink in my sig about this so have a read it is very informative, take care and post often.



Hi, thanks for your reply. I read your link and i must admit i dont drink anywhere near the amount i should be drinking, esp since i exercise often.

I do need to try and drink more, its just getting into the habit of drinking more.

I am away to rinse my mouth in salty water to try and get rid of the ulcers :p


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