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6 weeks

Another week passed - 6 weeks today!!!

I've found myself getting complacent about it already, yesterday i was thinking about it and what a fantastic achievement it is, i suppose i some ways it still hasn't sunk in that i haven't smoked for 6 weeks!!!!!!

I'm feeling really good about it, its one of the few things in my life at the moment that is going right.

So when i'm sat in work today, hating my job, fed up with life, sick of the chest pains, and generally being negative. I'm going to give myself a shake, put a smile on my face, think POSITIVE thoughts and remind myself that i haven't smoked for 6 weeks and i'm f**king fantastic!!!!!:D :D

Hope everyone is strong today and happy its Friday!!

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Good morning Choccobunny,

Your are right, you are ****ing fantastic. 6 Weeks! wot an achievement! Enjoy your Friday and have a lovely weekend x

Reply right Chocco you are f**ing great have fab day linda xxxxx


That is fantastic! It is easy to get complacent but you should be really proud of yourself, it's a great achievement, especially with all the stress you've had recently.

Make sure you treat yourself over the smokefree weekend.



yay pal, you are great!!! *does the happy dance for you* :D

I've found too that positive thoughts can be quite powerful during this quit thing, I mean mood can entirely change just with the trigger of one little positive happy thought, isn't that amazing? :) :) :)



Although it is hard to stay positive when crap things are always happening, but its still worth trying.

Also exercise, its one of those things i've always thought 'yeah yeah', but isn't it supposed to realise endorphins or something which promote a good mood.

Either way, i got home last night, fed up, chest hurting and another job rejection letter in the post, and i could've quite easily sat n cried all night and felt sorry for myself.

But i went to the gym with my walkman for just 45 mins, by the time i got home (looking like a sweaty beetroot!!), i was singing away and in a great mood!!

Positive thoughts, exercise, and some cosmic ordering!!! LOL :D


I reckon positive thought and endorphins could fix just about anything. Even a little bit of exercise generally makes me feel better. Walking home from work really lifts my mood (although that might be to do with the fact that I've left work for the day!!)

As for the job stuff, you will find something. I was looking for ages and getting really disheartened with it all. It's only about 18 months since I was made redundant and I seem to have spent the last couple of years just having cr*p jobs and writing applications. I start my new job in two weeks which I'm soooooo nervous about but also kind of excited. It's a confidence boost that someone thinks I'm employable! Don't give up hun - that positive attitude and confidence are going to shine through and things will turn around for you.



Thank you!!

Come to think of it, it was this attitude that got me through the early days of my quit.

Whenever 'dark' thoughts entered my head, i would just think

'Nope, not listening to you, not letting you in my head'

Need to keep that up now, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY

Breath in love

breath out fear

breath in love

breath out fear

LOL :p :p :p


I start my new job in two weeks which I'm soooooo nervous about but also kind of excited. It's a confidence boost that someone thinks I'm employable!

Oh, what a great feeling, excited and nervous all at once, my sis started her first teaching job last week and she felt just like that.

I can't wait for that feeling!!!

Embrace is while it last H!!! Feel the adrenalin!!!:D


I'm definitely more scared than excited!!!!


OMG!!! Can't believe Linda said F***ing in big red letters!! :eek: ROFL :D

Wow 6 weeks Choco!

That is amazing and the way you have turned things around in your head to keep yourself smiling and positive is fantastic!!

Well done you're a diamond x x

~Buffy x x


Sorry Buffy

Thats the way I felt this morning like a bad child. But reading Chocco and hbavs posts has made me think to get more positive just been shopping with My son jamie and his gfriend for paint to do the living room out. Didnt think I would be doing that three weeks ago. Like you said look at the good things and let me tell you that is just

Fab great everything Have a great day 2moro Linda xxxxxxxxxxxx


Yey, Linda, its made my day to know that me being positive has rubbed off on you.

Thats another positive thing for me today!!!:D

Fan-dabby-dozy :D


6 WEEKS!!!!!!!! AMAZING ABSOLUETLY AMAZING!!! You are super-de-duper!! Great job keep it up!


Ah Linda your sooooo forgiven you naughty girl ;) lol

Oooh I love it when I have just decorated!!

It's the doing it that I find hard :o hope you got all hands on deck and a bottle of wine it'll be a laugh x x

~Buffy x x


No Buffy its not me decorating is my son and his girlfriend he as come so far in three weeks cant belive it Linda xxxx



what!! omg I thought it was your other son!!


F*** me! lol sorry wow!!

I am gobsmacked!! really wow


Brilliant!! :D


One day behind you....

Just wanted to add my congrats to you! I am one day behind - 6 weeks tomorrow. Smoker of 22 years on 20 a day and first quit attempt. Not been easy but touch wood I'm getting there - spots, weight gain, sleep problems, bloating an' all! Got to be worth it as we all know or we wouldn't be going through this shit! Upwards and onwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Very proud of you honey - you are a total star!!!

Listen you did the right thing sticking that music on cos there is nothing like it to take away the blues (providing it is not the likes of my beloved James Blunt - he can only be listened to if in good frame of mind).

But the Scissor Sisters now there's a band who will raise your spirits and get you boogying out of your cravings and low period!!

I hope you had a lovely treatment today - do let me know how you got on!! You certainly deserved to be pampered.

And don't forget singing is good for the soul too so stick on some tunes, grab that hairbrush and transform into......................

Beyonce - shake that booty!!

Big Hugs my Chocco Baby!!



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