Week 6

Hi all,

As I enter week 6 I have a mixed bag of feelings. I stopped taking the Champix again but it all got a bit much so I took my first one in a while last night. Wow....the dreams.....Very Risqe....

Anyway, I am still having those "deep breath" moments but they are fewer, I do wonder if they are normal? And if they are, will they ever go away. Week 6 and it feels like Month 6,

Don't get me wrong, I am so happy im not smoking anymore, but I really thought these feelings would have passed by now or am I expecting too much too soon?

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  • Oh and I should add. Im putting on weight.....not massively but more than I would like, but I have resigned myself to the fact that its something I will have to deal with after my holiday to Orlando....New Year, New Diet......

  • Lloyd, you look forward to your wonderful holiday in Orlando and eat & drink whatever you want for the time being, You can deal with any weight loss when you return. Imagine how splendid it will be not having to worry about not being able to smoke during the journey :D

    Can't help re the Champix thing though I'm rather envious of these smutty dreams you Champix quitters all seem to get. There's people would pay good money for that! ;)

  • Hi Lloyd, well done on getting to week six. All quit symptoms are different for everyone, some last days, others last weeks or months but this forum is always a great source of support for whatever quit symptom you're struggling with, post and people will always reply. Good luck on the next six weeks :)

  • Well done Lloyd. I am a few hours away from the start of week 8 (week 10 on Champix), and whereas I get dreams I remember, they are never smutty, just prosaic. Maybe we should start a Champix dreams thread?

  • 6 weeks is great going Lloyd, everyone is different I have quit the same time as Debbie and I DO think of fags now and again so it's hard to tell,I have been told time and again that 6 months is where we need to be so I am aiming for that :D keep going xx

  • Thanks guys. No dreams last night BOOOO :-(

    Still, feeling ok this morning and yes I am so happy that I wont be pining for a fag during the 9 1/2 hour hell flight.....

  • Been arguing with the wife for the last 2 days. Im just in such a vile mood lately. As said, I came off the Champix thinking as it had been 7 or so weeks, I must be able to now do it on my own, but im craving and im not feeling great.

    I feel so weak for not being able to do it on my own without this stuff and hate that im going to go back on it (started 2 days ago but not feeling the effects yet). GRR I feel like im letting myself down as I have seen some of you guys go CT from day one so why cant I do it on week 7 without nico? Whats that all about.....Damn I want to KILL!!!!! I was SO close to going out and buying some fags and a lighter last night I cant begin to tell you......I didn't but I still feel like Boll*cks why shouldn't I....

    Sorry im ranting I know and I know I will get through this, just feeling really low and pissed off

  • Poor you Lloyd- there's nothing worse than those 'life is pants' times. We can all empathise with you as I doubt there's a quitter out there who hasn't been there. You're on a bit of an ego skid but youll come out the other side soon and when you do you'll be SO glad (and proud of yourself) for not succumbing.

    Max is quite right- there's no right or wrong way to quit and nothing in the rules that says not being able to quit CT makes you a failure. Personally I know I couldn't have done it.

    We're all heading for the same goal and how we get there as individual as finger prints. I imagine it a bit like Whacky Races if anyone remembers that- all those different cars with different gadgets but all in the same race. Or something....:)

    Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this Lloyd, but you come on here and rant any time you like. We'll all be here for you.

  • Keep at it Lloyd. Day 50 for me today, we can do this :)

  • Just make sure you have enough tissues for the mucky dreams....

  • Thanks you lovely lot. Im feeling a little better this morning....made it through another wall....more to come im sure.....

  • Keep going mate, I need a drinking buddy in the Penthouse next year.

  • I would advise continuing the champix for the three months if possible. A couple of years ago I only took it for about 4 weeks and only managed a 6 week quit.

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