6 Weeks

I know this is early...

This time tomorrow I will be at 6 weeks clean. Not one puff. I am very proud of that. I have gotten to a point where I am finding the quit quite easy to maintain. I don't doubt that there are difficult times ahead for me, but at the moment it is easy. I am still filling in my journal everyday - and still filling it in helps me to focus everyday. As does posting here, helping others or posting my progress - it helps me keep my head in check and making me look at myself as I put things down in writing.

As well as doing my little dance everytime I hit a milestone... oh yea

*does his little dance* (not bad for someone with a knackered leg, eh?)... I will be posting something that I found encouraging or that "clicked" with me, that meant something to me and made my quit continue to feel like the most important thing in the world to me.

This time, one of the woofmang tales that got me through a couple if tough times. Mainly because my 2 year son was one of the biggest reasons behind me giving up smoking.

Please read it twice- even if you have read it before, and the second time imagine you are me. A 34 year old man with a 2 year old son, a 34 year old man who lost his father to smoking related illness when he was 13. It is a very powerful article for me woofmang.com/tales/choose_y...

Thanks to all of you for your support so far, I owe a lot to this website.

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  • Hi Stu

    Very well done on your 6 weeks you have always been very strong with your quit Im sure this is the one. Also just read the link very moving very. xxxxxx

  • keep it up your doing great well done xx

  • A very strong article Stuart and i think i know where you are coming from with it.

    You are doing great with your quit, so strong and composed and also very supportive of people on here.

    I think you have your head right for quitting, it shows in your posts and your attitude, and i just love to see that in people.......you know, you can just sort of tell that they are "in the zone". No room for complacency though but nothing to be too worried about either. ;)

    You are doing great Stuart.

  • Well done Stuart

    I also have a young family and know exactly where you are coming from.

    My father also died at a young age, a mixture of fags and booze.

    Theres no turning back now mate

    I'll wish you good luck, but I don't think you need it.;):D

  • Great article that, Stu.

    You are showing great strength with your quit, keep on doing what you are its IS working.



  • Well done for reaching 6 weeks, you still sound so very positive!

  • well, it is that time - today is day 42.

    Thanks for all the comments guys, the first time I read the woofmang tales - that one jumped out at me, for obvious reasons.

    There are lots of his "ramblings" that I find very strong, but that one in particular means a lot to me.

    Anyway - I go past this milestone feeling just as positive as I did at the start of the quit for a couple of reasons.

    1) I am not having any help now. I came off the Champix after just over 6 weeks of taking it and feel fine. No change to when I was on it, except the mild side effects have cleared up.

    2) I know I can do it. 3 moments in the last 6 weeks prove that I can do anything without a cigarette. Firstly, I moved house and it wasn't a smooth move. Secondly, My mother became ill and was rushed into hospital in Cheltenham. A 4 hour cross country dash to be there in case of the worst, and lots of waiting yeilded no cravings. Thirdly, I am bored and fed up because of a hurt leg and still no cravings to speak about.

    I am convinced that I am as prepared as I can be to make this quit the one that lasts till the day I die (as a very old man, with my great great grandchildren at my bedside). And I am determined that I shall continue to re-educate myself. I will not become complacent and I will not lapse.

    Also, I intend to stick around on here and make sure that I can see how other people are doing - this helps me keep my quit fresh in my mind so that I can be prepared for anything. This place is a huge help to me, and for that I thank you all.

    Never another puff.

  • Seriously well done mate.

    I hope that leg of yours is easing a bit.

    Keep the strong mental attitude, you are on track this time you are someone that used to smoke!



  • Well done Stuart! Although i have to say your celebration dance must have been hard to watch! And just think how many you would have smoked during this unhappy time if you hadn't quit!

    Congratulations, two months before you know it and then you'll be a veteran :):):)

  • Well Done Stuart !!!

    Sorry meant to post yesterday for you but my Husband came back from a week away in italy so I forgot :o

    A massive Well Done to you and I shall *do a little dance* in your honor.

    S xx

  • Sorry meant to post yesterday for you but my Husband came back from a week away in italy so I forgot :o

    A massive Well Done to you and I shall *do a little dance* in your honor.

    S xx

    HOW DARE YOU put your husband before me? :p

    I'm only kidding, of course - and congratulations for your 6 weeks tomorrow.

    I shall do a little dance for you in the morning - even with my bad leg ;)

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